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Power Metal , Symphonic Metal , Opera Metal
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Gaia Epicus (NORWAY)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 11 Jún 2024, 08:39

Gaia Epicus - Seventh Rising (2020)






Year : 2020
Style : Power Metal
Country : Norway
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 122 mb


Melodic Metal with elements of Power, Speed, Thrash and Prog. Hails from Norway.Gaia Epicus is a power metal band from Ålesund,The band started off as Punk Rock under the name of Rått kjøtt (Raw Meat), A year later from 1993 to 1998 the band was known as Execution and played Thrash Metal. from 1998 to 1999 the band was known as Millenium and played Melodic Metal. Soon they had to change their name due to legal issues and changed it to Theater of Pain, which they were known as from 1999 to 2000. Yet again later in 2000 still playing Melodic Metal they change their name to Eternal Flame. Then finally in 2001 change their name to Gaia Epicus and start playing Power Metal.


Gaia Epicus, besides having one of the best band names on Earth, are the embodiment of the term ‘underdog’. Despite now being on their 7th full-length album and their 20th year of existence, they remain firmly rooted in the underground – seemingly forever doomed to be an obscure gem. I feel the same despair for fellow Scandinavians Iron Fire. Sure, the quality of the material can vary, but here is an outfit drenched in sincerity and passion where absolutely nothing feels fake or inauthentic. When a band has such a close relationship with their fans and a consistent output, they deserve more praise than they’re likely to receive. I keep using ‘they’, when truthfully, Gaia Epicus is primarily guitarist/vocalist Thomas Hansen’s child. It’s his vision, and one he achieves with oodles of charm. The debut, 2003’s Satrap, seems to hog most of the limelight (rightfully so, it’s a fantastic album), but there have been some masterpieces to come out of the Norwegian camp over the years – 2020’s Seventh Rising to be counted among them.Due to G.E.’s underdog status, I’m always rooting for each subsequent release to be a successful one. And the theatrical intro to “Like a Phoenix” had me rooting stronger with each passing second. This marks a return to a more melodic power metal sound, rather than the thrashed-up timbre we got on the previous LP. That’s not to say Hansen doesn’t let his thrash metal influences shine here and there on Seventh Rising. Both “Invisible Enemy” and “Nothing To Lose” see the man channelling his inner Dave Mustaine – something he has become rather adept at! Despite clearly displaying his strengths as a thrash vocalist on Alpha & Omega, this record is undoubtedly his best performance as a power metal vocalist. Hansen has been quite pitchy in the past, but on Seventh Rising, those amateur moments are minimal. He kicks ass particularly hard in the album’s opening moments. Time has done favours to the guy.I’m not sure how long Mike Terrana has been drumming for Gaia Epicus, but I hope he is a permanent fix. Not only is the guy boundlessly enthusiastic, but this is the best performance behind the kit on any G.E. record. All the relentless double-kick attacks are viciously precise and the snare sound is gorgeous. The opening moments of “From Ashes To Fire” exhibit these characteristics perfectly. Speaking of that track, it became an instant highlight for me thanks to its amazing chorus. That melody is like nothing you’ll hear from a power metal band this year. However, the jewel in the crown of Seventh Rising is the epic finale “Eye Of Ra”. The Norwegians deal with historical themes very well indeed, and the Egyptological approach works brilliantly when combined with this track’s majestic chorus, phenomenal solo section and aggressive riffs. Easily one of my favourite songs of 2020.There is plenty of variety for the average speed/power/heavy metal fan to sink their teeth into. The typical up-tempo euro-power gallops are there in the shape of “Rising” and the frantic “Dr. Madman” (unfortunately not a Helloween reference). There’s the mid-paced anthem “The Dream” which can come across as forgettable but is redeemed by its headbangable middle section and cool post-chorus lick. There’s the doom-laden “Number One” whose simplistic riff-set hits me right in the gut, reminding me of 2007’s “Awaken The Monster”. The only real disappointment lies in the shape of “Gods Of Metal”, which fails to lift the energy after “Number One”, and probably wasn’t a great outlet for Ripper Owens’ usually awesome voice. Not that I have a problem with cheesy Manowar-esque hymns which pledge devotion to heavy metal. This is just a weak one, and the album flows better without it.As always, Gaia Epicus have given fans a bit of a smorgasbord. There’s a little bit of everything to enjoy here and it should be held among the band’s better works. Given some time to settle in, this might sit at a respectable bronze position, just behind the power-thrash stylings of Alpha & Omega and the progressive technicalities of Satrap. Bravo Gaia Epicus! Another great album strikes at the climax of the year.


Thomas Chr. Hansen - Vocals, Guitars (2001-present) - See also: ex-Thomas Chr Hansen, ex-Eternal Flame, ex-Execution, ex-Theater of Pain, ex-Metal Pirates (Running Wild tribute)
Mike Terrana - Drums
Lukky Sparxx - Lead Guitar

Special guest:

Tim Ripper Owens - Vocals


01. Like a Phoenix 06:13
02. Rising 04:07
03. Nothing to Lose 04:22
04. From Ashes to Fire 05:09
05. The Dream 05:55
06. Invisible Enemy 03:26
07. Dr. Madman 03:47
08. Number One 05:59
09. Gods of Metal 04:23
10. We Are the Ones 04:56
11. Eye of RA 07:35
12. Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy Cover) 03:45 (Bonus Track)

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