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Grand Prix - Samurai (Japan Edition) (1983)

Napísané: 02 Máj 2020, 09:06
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Grand Prix - Samurai (Japan Edition) (1983)






Year : 1983
Style : Hard Rock
Country : United Kingdom
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 132 mb


Rising out of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene in the late '70s, Grand Prix featured a more melodic approach to heavy metal than most of the bands on the British scene, generating an AOR sound closer in feel to American rock groups like Journey. Original members of Grand Prix included ex-Dirty Tricks drummer Andy Beirne, bassist Ralph Hood, keyboardist Phil Lanzon, guitarist Michael O'Donoghue, and ex-Legend singer Bernie Shaw, who was eventually replaced by singer Robin McAuley. The group signed to RCA and released a debut album, simply called Grand Prix, in 1980, followed by the more focused There for None to See in 1982, after which the group jumped to Chrysalis Records for the polished Samurai in 1983. Beirne left Grand Prix later that same year, reportedly because he felt the group's studio output wasn't hard-enough sounding. His drum chair was filled by Clive Edwards, but by early 1984 the group was out of gas and closed the door on a roughly three-year run as a band, leaving behind a small but solid discography.

Line Up:

Ralph Hood : Bass
Michael O'Donoghue : Guitar
Phil Lanzon : Keyboard Uriah Heep
Andy Beirne : Drums
Robin McAuley : Vocals MSG, Robin McAuley

Former/Past members

Bernie Shaw : Vocals (Ex-Praying Mantis, Uriah Heep)


01. Give Me What's Mine
02. Shout
03. 50-50
04. Here We Go Again
05. Countdown to Zero
06. Somewhere Tonight
07. High Time
08. Never Before
09. Freedom
10. Samurai

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