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Power Metal , Symphonic Metal , Opera Metal
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Moonlight Circus (ITA)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 17 Jan 2019, 18:34

Moonlight Circus - Madness In Mask (2013)






Year : 2013
Style : Epic Power Metal , Progressive Metal
Country : Italy
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 123 mb


The music of Moonlight Circus collects the style and taste of the members' musical experiences with major bands of the italian prog-metal and power-metal scene between 1990-2013, namely Black Jester, Helreidh, Epica.The songs of the forthcoming new album Madness in Mask , which could be classified under power-prog metal, represent the new stage reached by the evolution of Moonlight Circus; there are many news, but the band’s peculiarities are not betrayed, and the music is still an unmistakable ensemble of the atmospheres of all the artists, both past and present, who inspired the band, from the harmony of great classical composers to the inspiration and technique of modern legendary rockers (Warlord, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, R.J. Dio, Dream Theater, Y. Malmsteen,...).Both in Italy and abroad, the quality of Moonlight Circus obtained great acknowledgments, and the apex was reached during summer 2002 when Paolo Viani and Daniele Soravia were called to complete the live line-up of a mythical band of the epic metal history: Warlord, featuring William J. Tsamis (guitars), the Fates Warning drummer Mark Zonder and the Hammerfall vocalist Joacim Cans. The wonderful summer experience included exhibitions in Europe and ended with a great gig at the renowned German metal festival of Wacken. The friendship with Warlord, two years later also brought Daniele Soravia to play keyboards in Joacim Cans’ debut solo album “Beyond the Gates” (released for Sanctuary in 2004); later that year Daniele joined Joacim and the other guest stars of his solo album, namely Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Warlord), Stefan Elmgren (Hammerfall), Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner), Metal Mike Chlasciak (Halford) during the summer live tour. In 2013 Paolo Viani joined once more Warlord during their long awaited European tour, which included performances in Germany and, for the first time, in Greece. A new tour is actually being planned by Warlord for summer 2014.


The Italian Progressive Metal band MOONLIGHT CIRCUS was born long ago in 1998, it occurred when former BLACK JESTER’s (they released an album called “Welcome To The Moonlight Circus” in ‘96) members Paolo Viani (lead guitar) and Alberto Masiero on drums teamed up with Vocalist Alex Secchi, Gianluca Tassi (bass), and talented Keyboardist Daniele Soravia. Their first album, "Outskirts of Reality", was published in 2000 by 99th Floor/Elevate Records and was buried under the tons of low key Prog Metal releases that were crowded on the market back at that time.This album was full of quality but it was ignored and followed by a long silence, but the group remains active and after some twist in the line-up, and some hard times in finding the new members, Max Zanatta (vocals) and Salvatore Bonaccorso (drums) are finally fitting well with the core of the original formation. In between, both Paolo & Daniele played with William J. Tsamis’s WARLORD as live musicians for the comeback tour. The sound of the new album is still clearly tagged by the 90’s Progressive Metal with some weird atmospheres, bombastic arrangements, harmonized choirs and a strong focus on the melodic hooks think HOUSE OF SPIRIT meets Late SAVATAGE meets ROUGH SILK and updated with some subtle Neo-Classical influences that reminds me compatriots of ARACHNES.The short opening track “Follia” and the subsequent cut right after are displaying a strong Romantic & Baroque feel before kicking into a Malmsteenian hi-speed riffage in the legendary RISING FORCE’s “Trilogy”/“Odyssey” fashion, this song is however the sole True Neo Classical tune but I love it , the remaining numbers are less typical, and way more complex or Proggy (“Twilight Sky” & “Wind Of Solitude” are utterly impressive too ). “Mountain Of Madness” brings something still very intense but more intriguing in the contemporary LABYRYNTH powerful way, with fast pace and haunted layers of vocals.The playing level is really high and the creative ideas are numerous, unfortunately the production is a little in the sub standards of the sound quality of most of their contestants, but anyway the listening experience is still rich and entertaining, most of the time the vocals are very good, and quite a bit theatrical and the duality between the keys and lead shredding guitar parts are spectacular and dynamic.As a fan of many legendary acts & repositories that was mentioned before, it was another great encounter for me…The fresh 2014 year, seems once again exciting with those upcoming releases, a flow in an high caliber category… Enjoy.


Gianluca Tassi Bass
Salvatore Bonaccorso Drums - See also: ex-Aphelion, ex-Helreið
Paolo Viani Guitars - See also: Black Jester, Maeve of Connacht, Warlord (live)
Daniele Soravia Keyboards - See also: ex-Helreið, ex-Warlord (live), ex-Cans
Emanuele Cendron Vocals - See also: ex-Tragoedia


01. Follia 01:24
02. The Duel (Back from the Edge of Time) 04:40
03. Moutains of Madness 05:56
04. Winter Masquerade 08:10
05. Lord of Sands 06:02
06. Twilight Sky (Children of the Rainbow) 05:38
07. Wind of Solitude 09:02
08. Gabriel 11:33

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