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The Prophecy 23 (GER)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 04 Jan 2019, 09:47

The Prophecy 23 - Green Machine Laser Beam (2012)






Year : 2012
Style : Thrash Metal , Death Metal
Country : Germany
Audio : 320 kbps + scans + Video
Size : 160 mb


The Prophecy 23 is a German thrash metal band founded in 2002.After years of hard and persistent work as a newcomer THE PROPHECY 23 signed their first worldwide record deal with MASSACRE RECORDS and released the debut album “TO THE PIT” in 2010.Because of the overwhelming feedback on the record THE PROPHECY 23 was announced to play at WACKEN OPEN AIR and other mega events and shows in Germany and abroad. The 2nd album "GREEN MACHINE LASER BEAM" was released in 2012. This unique piece of metal music was accompanied by a great international media response and even made it on position 18 of the german EMP-Album-Charts."UNTRUE LIKE A BOSS" (2014) manifests the attitude and lifestyle of the band at it's best. The 3rd album reached position 18 on AMAZON metal charts and position 13 on german METAL HAMMER charts. The way up continued and sets the band on a new professional level. Their first headliner tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland was a great success. Because of their energetic songs and stage shows their fan base gets constantly bigger and bigger - especially in South America, USA and Europe.


Already the third album for the Germans of The Prophecy 23. For me a memorable fact, because this quartet always knows how to make a party out of it. For those who are unfamiliar with this band: get ready for a crazy combination of death and thrash metal, topped with a humorous, alcoholic sauce.A very intense rhythm section that varies from tasty grooves (Wake Me Up For Lunch) to up-tempo thrash rhythms to crackling blast beats. The foundation of Green Machine Laser Beam in a nutshell. The vocals consist of dry-dry grunts in combination with a typical scanned thrash method. The string does not add much to the thrash and the death metal genre (although Thrash has the upper hand), but because of the extremely brutal production everything is so destructive that it only really enjoy is with this album. Nice that the bass work also beckons and bumps through the whole; it only makes it more brutal. Every now and then you will be treated to a sort of American superhero intro, which immediately turns a serious character into the head again.A nice mix of thrash and death metal. Sometimes the contrasts are a bit big, but personally I think that only the pleasantly disturbed atmosphere will benefit. Definitely worth a look at it.

Line Up:

Florian Sanden - Drums
Dennis Lidak - Guitars
Johannes Klopprogge - Vocals, Guitars
Philipp Heckel - Vocals
Mario - Bass


01. Tough Cool and Here to Mosh 00:40
02. Ice Road Trucker vs the Sun 03:45
03. Don't Step Back 03:04
04. Beyond the Purple Pipes 03:43
05. Green Machine Laser Beam 03:36
06. Sergeant P of the 23 00:18
07. We Are the Pit Police 03:37
08. Wake Me Up for Lunch 03:57
09. Honor to Whom, Honor Is Due 04:12
10. Captain Quick and the Pirates 04:07
11. Call Your Friends to Hang Out 00:28
12. Don't Waste Time, Get Wasted (Now !) 04:15
13. No Beer, What a Mess 03:10
14. No Followers No Leaders 03:18
15. Princess of Gorleben 03:13
16. Guts Gore Reactor (Live at Bob's Country Bunker) 01:05

+ Video "Green Machine Laser Beam" (Official Video)

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