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Greyzone (NOR)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 02 Jan 2019, 15:15

Greyzone - Release The Madness (2014)






Year : 2014
Style : Heavy Metal
Country : Norway
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 138 mb


Greyzone is a hard hitting and classic metal band from the cold shores of Norway.Founder Lars Solbakken (rhythm guitar)joined forces with Bjørn Nilsen (Lead Guitar) and Øyvind Vang (Bass) and started to record some of his songs for a demo.After some time it got clear that this had to move out to the live scenes, Niclas Thomsen (vocals) was asked to join and after a few “trial and errors” they finally found their permanent drummer in Rino Bjørnø..This was back in 2010/2011 and the following year and a half was spent playing all over Norway, Denmark, and Spain and spamming the internet, making Greyzone a household name to the metal masses.In the fall of 2012 it was decided that the time had come to start recording a demo but while this was in the process one of the demo song was received by producer Bjørn Magne Hansen(BM) (Jon Eikemo, Berserk Bastards and more) and he was impressed enough to agree to produce the band. In February of 2013 BM and the band entered SONO Studios in Prague where sound engineers and producers Paja (The Magician) And Milan Cimfe (David Bowie, Living Color, Nazareth, Linkin Park) waited.Greyzone have recorded an album full of power reminding of a cross between Metallica, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest with a touch of never bands like Sabaton and such. It is recorded live and hardly any overdubs were done to preserve the raw feeling of live metal. The Album title “Release The Madness” is a good way to describe the band on tour, on stage and well….it’s a good way to describe the band but also a description of the lyrics that span from deep darkness to full out party, these are no teenagers, they have lived life.After the recording, Greyzone went to Holland to support the guitar legend Michael Schenker (Scorpions, UFO,MSG) on tour.Greyzone is known to give it everything they got when they hit the stage, they play like there’s no tomorrow, bringing back the old classic Lead guitar n’ drum solos and shredding out catchy metal hymns that even first time listeners will bang their heads to.Above all, Greyzone show an intense joy of being on stage, no matter if there’s an audience of ten or ten thousand.“RELEASE THE MADNESS” is set to be released in the fall of 2013 and the single “Symphony of Oddity is the first taste of what’s to come.


We know this gang well, at least vocalist Niclas (Arch Nemesis / Dimension F3h) and bassist Øyvind, who was in Silverspoon (who became Pagan's Mind) in his time.Nordic Records snapped up Greyzone and helped them with distribution, if they did wonder in it I do not know at the time of writing, but the effort of the cuckoo is little to say.It may be this falls slightly between two chairs in 2014, where people often choose either black, death or thrash. Greyzone is a bit of solid metal, not in a negative sense, but as they appear on Release The Madness, it oozes the kind of mid-80s metal with a touch of power. The guitars sometimes rattle very cool, and it is the element that makes them a little up to date, a little thrasha. Niclas has its classic and strong vocals intact, there is little to delay.I'm a little unsure whether the music of Greyzone is powerful enough to be able to fight their way far enough up to make a difference, but it's far from bad. Powerful hard rock with metallized foundation is an explanation I feel summarizes the band. As the album goes a bit, it also reveals that the songs have growing potential. There are several tracks that lie and murmur, but it took some time. The refunds are rarely catchy enough for you to get your foot, but when you listen, at the moment, there is little to complain about.There is a touch of newer Candlemass too, because Niclas has a voice that is up against the Messiah's, a little thinner, yet in the neighborhood. We hear that on the fourth track, Into The Fire, where the music can also remind you of the Swedes when they go on a bit in pace.Classic metal with hints of power, Greyzone has a good starting point, but if it stays in today's metal scene is something we have to wait and see. They play well and have ok sounds, but the question is whether it is the right style to be able to get some way beyond the local scene and perhaps in some national areas. They even tell, in the interview that is here on, that they are met with lots of life when they play live, also abroad, so keep an eye on the telemarketing.


Øyvind Vang - Bass
Bjørn Nilsen - Guitars (lead) - See also: ex-Black Pearl, ex-Brain Damage, ex-Laagen Tramp & Trug, ex-No Name
Lars Solbakken - Guitars (rhythm) - See also: ex-Arch Nemesis
Niclas Thomsen - Vocals - See also: Eon, Synkvervet, ex-Arch Nemesis, Loaded, ex-Dimension F3H, ex-Ashes to Ashes, ex-Voice of Northwind
Rino Bjørnø - Drums (2012-present) - See also: Synkvervet, ex-Angie Hammer & the Nails, ex-J for Jorunn, ex-The Daywalkers


01. Symphony Of Oddity
02. Broken Rainbows
03. Into The Fire
04. Down Here
05. Agony
06. Skeletons In The Closet
07. Not Taking The Blame
08. Ruthless Life
09. Hallelujah Man
10. My Mortality

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