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Radiance (ITA)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 26 Sep 2018, 09:20

Radiance - Undying Diabolyca (2013)






Year : 2013
Style : Progressive Metal , Female vocals
Country : Italy
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 166 mb


RADIANCE formed in 2004 in Palermo, Italy, thanks to Federica Viola, guitarist of the band.From 2004 to 2006 Radiance was an all-female band.The band started its live performances with an all-female line up, performing some’80s hard rock & heavy metal covers around their city. Along with the live activity the band began to compose its own music. During the following years they took part to many contests and festivals, spreading their name through the underground. Afterwards the band gave up the all-female line up, recruiting other talented musicians (such as Fabio Accardo ), and with newfound serenity started working on the creation of their distinctive sound, made up of obscure, screaming guitars with the evocative vocals of Karin Baldanza. The debut official EP titled “...And The Night Comes Down” was released at the end of 2008. It found unexpected success and critics confirmations, encouraging the band in their quest for refinement and progression.After more than a year of rehearsals and composing the band, formed by Federica Viola, Karin Baldanza, Fabio Accardo and Elio Lao, succeed in the attempt to shape their sound. Joining their forces they merged different musical visions into a dark and heavy metal soul with an eclectic, power-progressive rhythm section. Great significance hold vocals, sweeping from a modern and experimental conception to an ancient and epic greek lamentation.In 2012 they finally give birth to the their first full length, recorded at Criterion Studios (PA) and Audia Manent Studios (TP), and mixed by Alex Argento.During the last months of the year the band received an offer by My Kingdom Music a label that has followed the band since their early days. RADIANCE signed immediately a deal with the label and the album, titled Undying Diabolyca” will be released on March 2013.


The progressive metal genre is one genre that I never seem to get tired with. Most of the bands with this label sound totally different compared to any other band in that genre and this is the great thing about progressive music. Prog is known for having longer compositions, odd time signatures, and whatever unique aspect the musicians think will fit well with their music. RADIANCE is no different. “Undying Diabolyca” has longer songs, neat little time changes, and a female vocalist with a most unique voice. Karin’s voice is vastly different than the average female vocalist and her style meshes perfectly with this type of music. She often goes from a very vast operatic style of vocal work to a lower normal range. The higher vocals sound a little bit like Simone Simmons’ (EPICA). RADIANCE’s singer uses her voice in odd ways, almost like an instrument. It is difficult to describe what it sounds like with words, but if you sample any track off of “Undying Diabolyca” you’ll understand what I’m trying to tell you. This different style of vocals helps RADIANCE stand apart from other bands with a female vocalist. Just listening to a few tracks off this record you can easily tell that the guitarist is majorly influenced by Dave Murray and Adrian Smith (IRON MAIDEN). Many of the harmonies sound like something you might find on a MAIDEN album. The solo work is also influenced by Dave Murray and you can hear the similarities in Federica’s tone. She uses that same warm tone Dave has and it sounds very nice. While the guitar playing is heavily influenced by IRON MAIDEN she does, however, add her own flavor to the mix. A lot of the riffs are heavily palm muted and done at odd syncopations creating an odd but good sound. The bass sound is really groovy and is very audible on this record. At some sections it sounds very eerie, and that accompanied with those strange vocals makes for a haunting sound. On some records you can tell whether or not the drummer really enjoys what he does. It’s easy to tell which percussionists really take pride in what they do and the drummer from this band thoroughly enjoys what he does. The drums have lots of character on this record and it’s nice to hear the entire set being used. The drums hold a very solid presence on “Undying Diabolyca” which is exactly what they should do.RADIANCE is definitely a different band crafting different music. Every member possesses a rather large amount of talent. The only thing that might hold back a listener would be the vocals because they sound so different and strange, but I found them and this whole album entertaining. Every song stood out and I didn’t lose interest. For a solid Prog album checks out “Undying Diabolyca”.


Federica Viola - Guitars (2004-present) - See also: Tuam Nescis
Karin Baldanza - Vocals (2006-present)
Fabio Accardo - Bass (2007-present) - See also: ex-Sterminio, ex-Lothüs
Elio Lao - Drums (2008-present)


01. Towards Doom 01:25
02. Another Way 05:32
03. Behind the Light 08:42
04. Storm 05:36
05. Reasonance 02:56
06. Whirl's Creterion 08:04
07. Le Poison a la Mode 08:16
08. Undying Diabolyca 07:54
09. Pulse of Awakening 01:55

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