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Valensia (HOL)

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Valensia - VI - Gaia III - Aglaea - Legacy (Japan Edition 2014)






Year : 2014 (Japan Edition)
Style : Melodic Rock , Symphonic Rock , Progressive Rock
Country : Netherlands
Audio : 320 kbps + scans + Video
Size : 138 mb


Aldous Byron Valensia Clarkson (born April 13, 1971, in The Hague),better known as simply Valensia, is a Dutch composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist.Valensia grew up in Waalwijk and used to spend a lot of his time at the family's beachhouse in Dénia, Spain. When he was a little kid, he used to play guitar and sing at the beaches in Dénia. He had also written a lot of songs and was even offered a record contract, but his parents decided he was too young for the music business and refused the offer.Several years later, in the Netherlands, Valensia used to play in some bands, usually on keyboard or guitar.Valensia met Robby Valentine (another Dutch singer) at an airport, as they were both listening to Queen´s Bohemian Rhapsody. After that, Valensia started sending demos to several record companies and producer John Sonneveld noticed him. Then Valensia signed a record deal with Mercury Records and in 1993 his first album "Valensia" was released.Influenced by Kate Bush and Queen, Valensia's self-titled first album (known as "Gaia" in Japan) contained the hit single "Gaia" that, out of nowhere, reached #2 in the Dutch charts and stayed in the charts for several weeks. "Gaia" had success in other countries too. The album itself spent almost 20 weeks in the album charts and had good critiques. Four singles were released: Gaia, The Sun, Nathalie and Tere.He was quite a success in the Netherlands, but he was an even greater success in Japan. Valensia noticed that, so a mini-album called "The White Album" was released in Japan only, in 1994, including a Valensian-styled Christmas song ("21st Century New Christmas Time") and a version of Duran Duran's "A View to a Kill."Valensia's second album "Valensia II" (also known as "K.O.S.M.O.S.") was the first Dutch surround sound CD ever made.It was, again, a success in Japan, but his Dutch record company didn't want to promote it. Due to this fact, it received less attention than it perhaps deserved in the Netherlands.K.O.S.M.O.S (Valensia often refers to it as "Costmost") was the most expensive album in the history of the Netherlands. Valensia said that people often forget that his first 2 albums were produced by "the best Dutch producers" (as Valensia himself said): John Sonneveld and Pim Koopman (KayaK's drummer).Three singles were released: "Kosmos", "Thunderbolt" (only in Japan) and "Blue Rain" (only in the Netherlands).For his next album, the record company ordered him to write songs in an Alanis Morissette-style, because they thought the public wouldn't like Valensia's style of music. At the request of the Japanese record company, "Gantenbrink" (the only real Valensian song on the album) was added. Ironically (or sadly), Valensia's new album "Valensia '98" (full name: "Valensia '98 Musical Blue Paraphernalian Dreams Of Earth's Eventide Whiter Future & Darker Present Soundspheres From New Diamond Age Symphonian Artworks To Yesterday's Westernworld Rockcraft Under The Raging Nineties' Silver Promise Of The Happy Hundreds On The Break Of The New Millennium's Hazy Misty Dawn") also known as "Millennium" or "Valensia III," was never released in the Netherlands.Though his Dutch record company refused to release "Valensia '98", Valensia still had a lot of fans in the Netherlands. A fan meeting took place near the Carré theater in Amsterdam and they were presented with a promotional copy of "Valensia ´98." In the summer of 1999, "V" was released. V was a cooperation between Valensia and Robby Valentine. Valensia's style have always had a mysterious atmosphere around it, but "V" sounded absolutely different. With a Beatle-esque ELO-esque and Queen-esque style, the sound of "V" was quite naive and happy.Valensia's mother Jacqueline died, in November 1999. This had quite an impact on him. So, his next album "Gaia II" (released on the new record label Marquee) had a song dedicated to his mother, "Requieme pour Jacqueline".Since then he has released several quality albums with little commercial success. For this reason he is still struggling to find a good company record. Meanwhile, he records his albums in his own home studio. He is a respected artist in Japan. He is known also because of his complex music (arrangement-wise), and also for his guitar skills (among other instruments). Valensia has also released albums with the bands V (with Robby Valentine) and Metal Majesty (with his brother David on drums).In 2008 Valensia appeared on the Dutch TV program De Reunie.He has been working on a new album which will be released in Spring 2010. A single entitled "One Day My Princess Will Come" was to be released on February 24, 2010. However, the release was cancelled.On 24 September a new album titled "Valensia VI - Gaia III - Aglaea - Legacy" was released. Valensia refers to this as "my farewell album".An official music video "The Cabinet Of Curiosities"[6] appeared on YouTube.


Aldous Byron Valensia Clarkson, in short VALENSIA, has been created unique music since the '90s. If you never heard about him, his compositional style does not differ much to the other famous Dutch genius: Robby Valentine. In fact, Valensia / Valentine have released a couple of albums together.Ten years after the release of his latest solo album, Valensia returned at the end of last year with a new opus; "Valensia VI : Gaia III • Aglaea • Legacy", only released in Asia.As happen with Robby Valentine, Valensia's music is strongly influenced by Queen and all the '80s culture, blended with a fascinating classical / Rock&pop / orchestral crossover.At the age of 21, Valensia was signed by with Universal Music back in 1992, and released the single 'Gaia'. This song, being released in the winter of 1993 in an era where grunge, Brit pop and techno was on the radio, broke all the rules by shooting straight at #1 in most of the European territories and sold over 1 million copies the first week after it's release.When Valensia's debut album 'Valensia' was released, the Dutch artist became a sensation in Japan and Southern East Asia, as well as in the Netherlands. Strangely enough in a time where this type of music was completely out of vogue.Valensia's music has been described as 'the most innovative composing since The Beatles' because of his new standards of chords no composer had ever used in rock&pop music.It's not hard rock, it's not AOR or Melodic Rock, but has some of these genres elements, sometimes little experimental, absurdly symphonic and progressive, which for many is difficult to digest, but always intriguing and surprising."Valensia VI : Gaia III • Aglaea • Legacy", as most Valensia albums, it's entirely composed, performed and produced by himself with a superb sound. He claims that this is the last album of his career because of high production costs. The man is a perfectionist.This CD is some kind of a masterpiece, especially for those who like Queen and original, symphonic music with melody. The disc has the best 'Valensia style' and begins with 9 and a half minute song, which is part of a series held in other discs: "Tere III".Next, "Seven Ways To be Loved" twist everything using a pop cadence mixed with strings and percussion. In every song is worth paying close attention to each of the arrangements worked out in every detail, and systematic work in the harmonies / choirs of Queen style.This is the case for example of "The Cabinet Of Curiosities" one of the best songs on the album."Finca Paris" is one of the most melodic songs with a very sweet and beautiful verses. "Carolina" is another of my favorites, which uses a base of Tango with a bandoneon sound mixed with '80s Rock&Pop and massive choruses. The mix of styles is unique, and Valensia does everything with class."The Candle" was the first cut off the album, a rock/waltz againg with a twist, while "Holland" is a very relaxed song which speaks highly of his native country."Here Comes The Moron" is another high point, with a strong Beatles influence of the last albums and ironic lyrics. The work on the details of this song is amazing, which includes little sounds of different instruments and voices in a very subtle way."God's Lesser Creatin (Spo0k)" is the most introspective song on the disc, chaotic and pretty experimental. That is because it's part of the soundtrack of the Dutch Film titled 'Spook', for which Valensia composed the score."The Miracle" is the most similar to Valensia early works (especially the first 'Gaia') melodic and pompous. Then "Serious" is strongly influenced by '80s pop, yet with the typical Valensia touch.The album closes with "Aglaea", another song blending rock / pop / classical, guitars & grand piano, plus symphonic instruments (all performed by Valensia). A terrific piece of work.This Dutch multi-instrumentalist is able to write, compose, perform, arrange and produce his own albums with an impressive quality, not only musically, but also technically.Valensia officially stopped making albums for record companies in 2005 but released this last farewell by himself for all his fans. And you can't call this 'indie', believe me. The sound is incredible pristine and pure on "Valensia VI : Gaia III • Aglaea • Legacy".This is an album to listen several times and discover new nuances with each. It's different, unique, and surprises you all the time.

Line Up:

Valensia: lead & harmony vocals, all instruments
Fernando Ortega: bass on 5
Jesus Maria Ruiz: drums on 5
Jose Arturo Garbazo: bandoneon on 5
Kees Verschuren, Eddie Wierga: guitar on 5


01. Tere III 9:33
02. 7 Ways To Be Loved 5:11
03. The Cabinet Of Curiousities 3:57
04. Finca Paris 3:16
05. Carolina 4:17
06. The Candle 4:24
07. Holland 5:57
08. Here Comes The Moran 5:28
09. God's Lesser Creation (Spo0K) 4:38
10. A Miracle 2:57
11. Serious 4:20
12. Aglaea 5:38

+ Video "The Cabinet Of Curiousities" (Official Video)

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