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Melanchólia, smútok a temná gotika.
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October Falls (FIN)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 25 Máj 2016, 16:51

October Falls - Kaarna (2CD) (Digipak Edition) (2014)







Year : 2014
Style : Ambient , Dark Metal
Country : Finland
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 260 mb


OCTOBER FALLS was formed ten years ago by M. Lehto and the early releases Tuoni and Marras were dark acoustic music without the harsher elements. Released in 2003, Tuoni contained all acoustic music with similarities to old Ulver, late Empyrium and maybe even Tenhi.A year and a half later, in 2005, the second official release and the first full-length, Marras, was released. The music was still classical guitar oriented, all acoustic, but piano was used a bit more.The harsher elements were first introduced on the third official release - the band's Debemur Morti Productions debut, The Streams of the End mini-album - and have since been the key element of the current musical approach. Blending folk sensibilities with harsh black/pagan metal, OCTOBER FALLS had found a new niche. More significant steps were taken towards the harsher material a year later with the second full-length album, The Womb Of Primordial Nature, which also welcomed M. Tarvonen (Moonsorrow) behind the drum kit for the first time.Two years later, the same line-up was gathered again and the third full-length, A Collapse Of Faith, was recorded and released. That recording was without doubt OCTOBER FALLS' most mature effort so far, but also the last one with that line-up, as V. Metsola - the bassist since The Streams of the End - decided to leave after the album was released and the writing of new material had started.The current musical style is a mixture of atmospheric acoustic music and harsher black metal-oriented material and could be compared to early acoustic Ulver, Drudkh and Primordial blended together with a personal touch and strong melodies. Still, the early acoustic side has not been completely abandoned; there have been occasional acoustic releases through the years and there will also be similar releases again at some point on the horizon. OCTOBER FALLS has finished recording the next full-length album, The Plague Of A Coming Age, which will again be released on Debemur Morti Productions in March 2013 and will represent a step forward from the previous material, with shorter songs and more varied material, and with the bass player S. Hinkka (Ensiferum) stepping in.


Earlier this year I wrote a “YER METAL IS OLDE!” article about the ongoing influence of Ulver‘s epic Bergtatt, a classic by any measure. But in some ways, it only introduced a ‘trope’ of sorts that has become one of my favorite parts of the underground metal scene: the harmonized acoustic folk record. And while Ulver only did it once, on Kveldssanger, October Falls—whom you certainly have heard of if you’re a long-time reader of Angry Metal Guy [or other blogs I guest/write for]—produced a number of excellent acoustic records in this vein. These included a full length by the name of Marras, two EPs entitled Sarastus and Tuoni, and a number of singles. These are all available as lossless files via October Falls‘ BandCamp website and worth purchasing, if you don’t mind spending money on a digital, lossless format.Hopefully inspired by a conversation with me about making the acoustic material available, the project’s progenitor and creative center also appears to have reached out to his label for a re-release of this material in a physical format. From these diverse releases, a compilation reissue was born and it is entitled Kaarna. Made up of every release, it clocks in at 93 minutes and is a journey through all the acoustic material that October Falls produced between 2002 and 2010. But because of the nature of the music—the moody atmospheres, the mystical touches, the natural sounds and beautiful melancholy, Kaarna isn’t simply a compilation. It feels like a cohesive record—even at such a length—because the mood is strong and evocative. The tracks—really the singles, the LP, and the two EPs—each have their own flavor, but are united in a theme and style.For me, this is perfect mood music. It’s the kind of thing I listen to early in the morning, when I’m drinking coffee and sitting in the morning sun. It’s amazing evening music, too. Nights by a fire or gazing out over a lake. It’s like a soundtrack for the deep woods, the troll forests, and overgrown paths. The feeling of being ancient, sacred and mystical permeates every note of Kaarna and makes it cohesive. While this is simple and minimalistic, there’s something that speaks very deeply to me here. As a fan of of the feel and the gorgeous harmonies, it’s tough for me not to just put Kaarna on repeat all day sometimes.Kaarna is available from Debemur Morti’s website as a double digipack, but disappointingly not as vinyl. Still, if you’re a fan of this kind of material, you should absolutely give this a listen. I’m including a stream of Marras below. Just hit play, find a place to sit down, turn out the lights and let the magic sweep you away.

Line Up:

M. Lehto Everything (2001-2007), Guitars, Vocals (2007-present)
Marko Tarvonen Drums (2007-present) - See also: Barren Earth, Moonsorrow, Thy Serpent, Lakupaavi, ex-Arthemesia, ex-Gorewinter, ex-Masturbory, ex-The Wicked, ex-Chaosbreed, Larharyhmä, ex-Thunderdogs
Sami Hinkka Bass (2011-present) - See also: Ensiferum, ex-Rapture



1. Usva 03:01 instrumental
2. Viima 03:52 instrumental
3. Polku 05:12 instrumental
4. Marras 36:41 instrumental


1. Sarastus 19:28 instrumental
2. Tuoni 24:33 instrumental

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