Pyro - Time Goes By (2CD) (2015)

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Pyro - Time Goes By (2CD) (2015)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 14 Mar 2016, 13:11

Pyro - Time Goes By (2CD) (2015)





Year : 2015
Style : Hard Rock
Country : France
Audio : 320 kbps + front
Size : 128 mb


The PYRO group was formed in early 1990 by Bruno and Joel Pyro. After a brief passage of French singer Mike Heaven, (eg Sweet Lips), and the time to box 2 titles, Armando Ferreira production, the group decided to turn to England to find the next lead singer . Dave Danger, integrates PYRO at the end of 1991. In the aftermath, the band recorded a e.p titled TIME OF CONFUSION, produced by Armando Ferreira, and with already Charles Frossard to the console. This EP will be released much later, the EP STOP THE WOLD, renamed for the occasion STOP THE WORLD EXTENDED VERSION, released in 2007. In 1992 PYRO recorded his first album entitled VELVET GLOVE on the label Only Rock .This album will be produced by Renaud Hantson, and Tony Arconte will be the sound engineer. After a series of concerts, the group decided to separate from their singer; alcohol issues will top the agenda. After a break of several months, the group found their new singer, in the person of JAY BURNETT, arrived straight from GLASGOW (Scotland). The voice of Jay Burnett, is much more pop than Dave Danger, the group will turn to a much quieter music, with first the second EP of the group, STOP THE WORLD, produced by Armando Ferreira, and BREAKING POINT next album, which will see for the first time, Pyro brothers, past production. Both albums will come out on the band's label, Crush Music, respectively in 1998 and 2004. These two works, still allow PYRO to make two mini tour of the Scottish land and a concert at the Hard Rock cafe from Paris. Although Joel and Bruno Pyro appreciate the voice of Jay Burnett, the brothers want to permanently move to the music they have always liked: THE HARD ROCK In 2007, PYRO sign with Gofannon Records, and records in the process, their new album: STAB iN tHE BACK, Stéphane Collin vocals This latest installment is resolutely HARD, with big riffs and guitar solos that send! Unfortunately, the reviews are bad! However, the group provides a dozen dates. In the process, the label will reissue the first 4 opus of the group. At the end of the tour, Stéphane Collin left the group. Later, Bruno and Joel Pyro, recognize that the production of STAB was not very good, and the musical universe of Stéphane Collin, and the PYRO, had never really found ... After several weeks of reflection, Bruno and Joel Pyro decide to do it again! Hakim Boughrara, excellent drummer, Mulhouse, crosses paths with PYRO! After two great years of writing and rehearsals, Emmanuel Taffarelli joined the band on vocals. Bruno and Joel Pyro will be literally under the spell of that voice. finally released in May 2011 on the Brennus Music label, the album TOMORROW MAY NEVER COME. On this album, Joel Pyro provides all the bass parts. The album will receive a very positive reception from critics, and more titles will péblicité, including AT ALL COSTS, THE KING OF LONDON TOWN, ON THE ROAD TO ETERNITY, and excellent, TOMORROW MAY NEVER COME, and BLIND WORLD. On this album, the group will use for the first time, samples that will be suggested and written by Hakim Boughrara! Unfortunately, the group will not defend this scene on disc, failing to find bassist suited them ... Dissatisfied with this situation, Boughrara Hakim left the group in December 2011. Far from being discouraged, the Pyro brothers continued to write new titles, while seeking a drummer and a bassist. Finally, again, and after months of work and stubbornness, PYRO released in September 2014, his new album, in the form of a double, entitled: THE CHAPTER 6. This album will contain 11 new compositions. PYRO also decided to rework the album STAB IN THE BACK, including Bruno and Joel Pyro were never really satisfied! Emmanuel Taffarelli produced, arranged and recorded all the vocals on this album. The group has not done things by half, recorded several additional guitars, all with a new cover, a new mix and mastering new! Moreover, PYRO also offers 2 bonus tacks completely new! Finally, the original title of this album, became simply STAB IN THE BACK REVISITED. This is the Brennus Music label will release this double album.


The band's new album titled TIME GOES BY, released in the month of October 2015, the BRENNUS MUSIC label, but will soon be available for pre - order on the label of the store. This new opus will be presented as a double album consisting solely of securities "demo" recorded between 1990 and 2003, and two of them will in 1987! The other feature of this album is the presence only of British singers. It includes the late DAVE DANGER, original singer of the group, died in November 2014, and whose album is dedicated to him, the Scot JAY BURNETT and the surprising KEVIN WILD, from London, which was originally record the album BREAKING POINT.

Line Up:

Joël Pyro-Lead - Guitars
Bruno Pyro - Rhythm Guitars
Emmanuel Taffarelli - Vocals
J.J Deplaix - Bass Guitars
Nico Baillet - Drums, Percussion


CD 1:

01. Take The Money
02. Cutting Out School
03. Green Tables
04. Angel In Disguise
05. Lonely Man
06. Maintenant Ou Jamais
07. All I Say Is True
08. The House Of Cards
09. Country Boy (Again)
10. Blame

CD 2:

01. Red Lights
02. Stand Back
03. When I Run
04. Have You Ever
05. A Brand New Day
06. I Don’t Want It (I Don’t Need It)
07. Lauren
08. You
09. Break The Chains
10. Getaway

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