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Red Circuit (GER)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 13 Aug 2015, 17:32

Red Circuit - Haze Of Nemesis (Special Edition) (2014)







Year : 2014
Style : Melodic Progressive Metal
Country : Germany
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 149 mb


Ever since Red Circuit was formed in 2006 by producer and mastermind Markus Teske, RED CIRCUIT have been steadily pursuing their way to the top of the Power and Progressive Metal scene.Their career was topped off with an exclusive performance at Prog Power USA in Atlanta/Georgia in September 2011. The festival proved to be an accolade considering the short but successful band history. RED CIRCUIT appreciated the invitation by delivering an intensive performance.With strong international feedback regarding the studio albums „Trance State“ (2006) and specially „Homeland“ (2009) in mind, in January 2012 RED CIRCUIT are ready to strike again with full force: The new - currently still untitled – third RED CIRCUIT studio album will be produced at MARKUS TESKE’s BAZEMENT STUDIO ( on the previous albums, ANDY KUNTZ of VANDEN PLAS will be co-producer once again. A complete video recording of the ProgPower USA show in Atlanta will also be released on a special edition DVD.Through differentiated songwriting and the naturally professional and unique production of keyboarder and producer MARKUS TESKE, RED CIRCUIT understand how to build a bridge in between Power and Progressive Metal.CHITY SOMAPALA’s (Firewind, Faro, Avalon, Civilization One, Power Quest etc.) distinctive voice contributes connecting both genres on a world-class level. Carried by the versatile acoustic colors and abilities of his voice, he effortlessly covers all desired facets of the new song material.Guitarist CHRIS MOSER (Sheela) will integrate the full capacity of his skills into the new LP release. As the upcoming song material is more guitar and riff oriented, the new arrangements allow more solo passages of this exceptional guitar player.Bass player TOMMY SCHMITT (Q-Squad, ZE:US, Fracture, etc.) marks the third original member on board RED CIRCUIT, alongside MARKUS TESKE and CHITY SOMAPALA.An ultra solid bass foundation paired with virtuosic bass play provides the needed background power and musicality, live as well as in the studio. Together with CHRIS MOSER and MICHAEL STEIN on drums, an outstanding riff & rhythm section has been formed – the band’s past live performances speak for themselves!A significant part of the new song material’s sound will be influenced by the powerful and precise drumming of MICHAEL STEIN (Civilization One, Aimless Ancient Ceremony, Dornenreich). Having replaced Andy Klein in 2011, MICHAEL STEIN turned out to be a lucky strike for RED CIRCUIT. His experience as a live and session drummer enabled him to quickly pick up what RED CIRCUIT’s unique sound and underlying vibes are about. It now forms the solid base for the band’s rhythm work.With this changed and perhaps best line-up since the band was founded, RED CIRCUIT enter the third round of their creative period: The new album in 2012! Studio demos have already been recorded and the first impressions imply a further development of “Homeland”: Darker, faster, more powerful- epic!This of course includes the best of both genres: Power and Progressive Metal!


Germany’s RED CIRCUIT release their third album “Haze of Nemesis”, and for these Melodic Progressive Metal artists, it’s been 5 years since their last release. In the interim, vocalist Chity Somapala released a second album with his Power Metal act CIVILIZATION ONE that also includes new drummer Michael Stein, so it’s not as if the quintet has been idling in the breakdown lane creatively. Having taken in modest amounts of their debut from 2006 “Trance State”, I’m sure at this point in their career the band firmly has established their own niche in a genre often plagued with derivatives of bigwigs like DREAM THEATER and FATES WARNING.“Haze of Nemesis” at the core isn’t going to be the most intricate, technically profound record to come down the pike – intent instead on providing a more modern, fluid, song based arc. Chris Moser will provide fireworks during certain lead breaks – check out “Serpent’s Smile” for instance as he can weave in neo-classical arpeggio runs like the best in the genre. Opener “Oceans Apart” sets the bar for the rest of this record – the main riff a little staccato and darker than the Progressive norm, while keyboardist Markus Teske layers the keyboards in more of THRESHOLD manner, honing in on specific sounds to build tension and enhance atmosphere.Chity Somapala has a unique voice that is one of a kind- when he chooses to be thoughtful in his lower register, we get gems like the first verse for “My Lonely Heaven” or the exotic nuances for the heavier title cut. When the man belts out in a higher register – there is a grit to the melodies that probably sits in the ‘love it or leave it’ camp for Progressive Metal listeners … fortunately for me, the chorus work when this occurs in songs like “Believing a Lie” or “Spear of Fate” wins me over every time.Prepare yourselves for a definite modern edge to certain tracks, be it through the use of distorted vocals or lower end guitar chord phrasings – but I think RED CIRCUIT use these as flavoring to their multi-dimensional sound. If you desire an action packed Progressive Metal song, look no further than the fireworks given off instrumentally and vocally in the almost 10 minute “My Serenade” – something similar to classic ELDRITCH meets MOB RULES.“Haze of Nemesis” overall is the most impressive RED CIRCUIT album in their discography – for those of you who want a more song-oriented Progressive Metal record, this one could be very satisfying.

Line Up:

Chity Somapala - Vocals (Civilization One, Rekuiem, ex-Avalon, ex-Court Jester, ex-David Shankle Group, ex-Firewind, ex-Ivanhoe, ex-Moonlight Agony, ex-PowerWorld, ex-Domain, ex-Power Quest)
Christian Moser - Guitars
Thomas Schmitt - Bass (ex-STS 8 Mission)
Markus Teske - Keyboards, Programming
Michael Stein - Drums (Civilization One, ex-Final Chapter)


01. Oceans Apart
02. My Lonely Heaven
03. Believing A Lie
04. Digging In The Dirt
05. Worlds Will Collide (Feat. Amanda Somerville)
06. Spear Of Fate
07. Serpents Smile
08. Silent Roaring
09. Haze Of Nemesis
10. My Serenade
11. Soldier Of Fortune
12. Homeland (Live)
13. Sun of Utopia (Live)

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