Zenobia - Supernova (2014)

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Zenobia - Supernova (2014)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 22 Jan 2015, 18:24

Zenobia - Supernova (2014)







Year : 2014
Style : Heavy Metal , Power Metal
Country : Spain
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
Size : 106 mb


Zenobia is a band of heavy original metal of Lardero, La Rioja (Spain). It was founded in 2002 by Jorge Berceo, vocalist and composer of it. Victor De Andrés guitar, Salva Hache on bass and Javi Herrero to Battery completes this quartet with over a decade of race that have managed to consecrate very important hymns in the heavy metal scene in Spanish.Have 3 studio albums, a disc of rarities and a live DVD plus several singles and special collaborations. We will describe his biography.


Zenobia's first album entitled Fighting to the end (the title is an imminent declaration of principles) and was produced by Dan Díez (become habitual producer of the band). It was a self release published in 2005. In it a metal sound very close shown to power with strong and modern look. It has special collaborations San Juan Angel (Holy Land) or the excellent contributions of violin and cello Olaia Oneka and Pablo Sanz in the ballad "Before your eyes".The group was selected to participate in the 18th edition of "rock pop-Villa de Bilbao Contest" good reviews "Fighting to the end" widely disseminated work of the band throughout the national territory. Zenobia's music sounds like where and so hand Ó scar Sancho (Lust) and thanks to his radio show, they would leap out of their region and offer their first concert in Madrid.


In April 2009 sees the light which is his second album titled Soul of fire. It is again produced by Dan Díez and mastered at Sound XXI study by the brothers San Martin. At this stage Zenobia harden their sound exploring a more classic heavy metal, a stage in which Iñaki (ex-drummer of the Holy Land) is part of the quartet.Disc sound is defined by catchy choruses, strong bases and again a voice full of personality. Soul of Fire highlight the good reviews in the specialized media and direct the band is praised in all published accounts of his concerts. Zenobia participates in important festivals like GRANITE ROCK or VALDORROCK sharing the bill with Medina Azahara, Red Baron, Saratoga or Rage among others.During this tour the band enters Javi Herrero (drums). It is then that Zenobia begins to see his discography published in Japan with DISK-HEAVEN.


In 2010 Zenobia thought a tour called 'UNITED BY THE METAL TOUR' for which Jorge Berceo made ​​a hit that is interpreted by the Dünedain Avila. This ambitious project has toured throughout the state highlighting its full house at the Madrid Sala Caracol and filming a live DVD of the tour in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos) out. The success of this project is unprecedented and the band earns the right to be on the frontline repeatedly participating in other festivals like Legends of Rock.


This album marks a before and after in the career of Zenobia, the band's absolute commitment to professionalism and YARHIBOL RECORDS is founded. The group gives a qualitative leap and manages to create an album of international quality, the German Andreas Marschall (illustrator Blind Guardian, Sodom, Nightwish, Kreator ...) is called by the band and decides to join the project by creating the illustration of the new album. The album is again produced by Dan Díez and return to their players for their good reviews and its good acceptance. Zenobia's previous albums was also reissued in a double disc.Notably highlights this professionalism also thanks to their energetic live and alternate their shows with #ZenobiaSolidarios initiative, which collects benefits ADEMM (Multiple Sclerosis Association Of Madrid). At this point Jorge Berceo commitment to focus solely on vocal work, idea takes a long time to mature, leaving her so far since guitarist / vocal, and taking charge of all frontman on stage.


The new album ZENOBIA "Supernova" is the fourth studio album by the band that was produced by Dan Díez and illustrated by Andreas Marschall.The launch will be accompanied by a series of special concerts with the name SUPERNOVA FEST, will accompany them Santelmo and other bands in different places like Madrid and Barcelona.The CD opens with magnificently powerful and clear "Borraré Tu Nombre" apparently simple in design but extremely effective instrumental in their melodies and choruses entering bent barrel with the arrogant voice of Jorge Berceo. They approach the power metal with greater role for guitars Victor de Andres in accelerated "The Last Time" that at times thrilling rides on the rate proposed by Javi Herrero from the battery and Salva Hache with its low, to fall more rhythmic in markedly rhythmic "The Dream of A Fool" whose correct letter against totalitarianism fits perfectly within its heavy atmosphere that reminds me a little of the "Crusader" Saxon.Change of scenery to shed more light with the hard rocking "on the ball", a declaration of principles full of melody and roll with a huge chorus and a great letter of affirmation of eighties rock but full force essence and in its set may well have signed or Beethoven R. Atlas. Back to the sharpest guitars and stronger bases with the title track "Supernova" with certain dyes power very melodic especially in some voices somewhat pompous, reaching epic with "El Conquistador" which inevitably reminds his countrymen Holy Land and that despite the harshness of his guitars is tempered by some keyboard arrangements.Commented the wisdom of the lyrics to "The Dream of a Loco" or "Al Pie Cannon", which I would also note regarding the challenging "The Gold Rush" a worked edge against materialism embedded within melodies kept sharp and heavy rockers that make another remarkable, as the final Curran "One Of Pirates" which involved sharing vocal duties with Jorge Segovia Oscar Sancho (Lust), leaving her torn and powerful voice to create tremendously powerful epic duet insurance resound strongly in the direct group.Without lowering the level or clash at all, there is also room for quieter issues, such as the romantic "Grant A Life" heartfelt ballad with delicate melodies wrapped by acoustic voice and string arrangements, and the most tormented "Remember me "with more sharp guitars and a further degree of expressiveness in their interpretation.


Jorge Berceo Guitars (2002-2013), Vocals (2002-present)
Javi Herrero Drums (2009-present) - See also: Grendel, Mystyca Odyssea
Salva Hache Bass (2013-present)
Víctor de Andrés Guitars (lead) (2014-present) - See also: Víctor de Andrés, ex-Megara, ex-Ñu, ex-Pacho Brea, ex-Ankhara (live), ex-Dragonfly (live)


1. Borraré Tu Nombre 03:37
2. La Última Vez 04:28
3. El Sueño De Un Loco 05:05
4. Al Pie Del Cañón 03:52
5. Concédeme Una Vida 04:45
6. Supernova 04:15
7. El Conquistador 04:40
8. La Fiebre Del Oro 04:10
9. Recuérdame 05:00
10. Una De Piratas 04:55

+ Video "El sueño de un loco" (Official Video)

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