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Blind Date (USA)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 14 Nov 2017, 09:43

Blind Date - Can You Feel It (Written 89-91) (Re-released 2012)






Year : 89-91 (Re-released 2012)
Style : Melodic Hard Rock
Country : United States
Audio : 320 kbps + front + Video
Size : 146 mb


In a musicians entire career, theres always one band that stands out above all others. A band that contains more chemistry, talent, and hooks than all the rest, and for the members of Blind Date, this was that ultimate band.Formed in Austin, Tx. in 1988, Blind Date began writing songs, recording and performing in Texas. In 1988 & 1989 they were voted best metal/progressive band in San Antonio. Lead singer Buster Grant lived in San Antonio, Tx and the rest of the band in Austin. Being based out of two cities enlarged their fan base, and they rapidly became a top draw in Austin and San Antonio venues.At the end of 1989 they recorded with engineer John Viehweg who is credited for recording the demo that signed Dangerous Toys to Columbia Records. By the beginning of 1990, all 3 tracks from Blind Date's demo began receiving spins on local radio stations throughout Texas. The band earned a huge street buzz, and became the supporting act for many major-label US touring bands including: Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Vixen, Helix, Saigon Kick, Lynch Mob, Dangerous Toys, and Pariah.In 1990 Blind Date was featured in Metal Edge magazine and received hundreds of fan letters from all around the world! They also as official south by southwest (SXSW) showcasing artist in 1990 and 1991. Texas Beat magazine voted Blind Date as the most sign-able band to perform SXSW. Blind Date earned features in the San Antonio Express News, the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Study Breaks magazine, and was the focus of a television news segment from San Antonio’s KMOL Channel 04 on the 1991 SXSW music conference. The band was showcasing and in talks with several major labels until they parted ways in April of 1992.The songwriting on this record captures a spirit and innocence in the world that has long sense changed. Blind Date enjoyed a special time in music where musicianship and social decadence were the anthem of Americas young rock music fans worldwide. Blind Date performed in front of thousands, and had the time of their lives doing it!. We hope you enjoy the one and only Blind Date full-length CD.The completion of this record has been a long time in the making. It has paved the way for reuniting old friendships as well as creating new opportunities for Blind Date in the future. The passion will never die, it will always fuel the soul, long live rock and roll!


There were a lot of great bands that just fell through the cracks in the late ‘80s and especially the early ‘90s due to the musical climate change. BLIND DATE was one of those bands that should have had a big impact in the melodic hard rock scene. BLIND DATE finally released their self-titled debut in 2004 via Perris Records including the material recorded in their heyday, but the release become out of print pretty soon.Hence, band leader & guitarist JB Slimp in conjuction with indie US company Bridgewater Records re-released BLIND DATE's debut re-titled "Can You Feel It" and spoering a new artwork.Blind Date formed in Texas in about 1988, were voted best metal / progressive band in San Antonio in 1989, and their short-lived career saw them tour with the likes of Vixen, Lynch Mob, Dangerous Toys and Helix.The entire tale of why they never 'made it' is probably out there somewhere, but Perris Records picked up the band in 2004 and released these wonderful collection of songs, seven of them freshly recorded and 3 tracks taped in 1991.Now guitarist JB Slimp thought that was time to make Blind Date material justice, remastering the songs and make them available to the whole Rock community."Can You Feel It" is a pure, heavenly Melodic Rock album, much in the vein of say, Ted Poley-fronted DANGER DANGER, WHITE LION, TRIXTER or WARRANT.This is one album that simply oozes with big harmonies, tasty licks, blazing solos and melodies more infectious than the latest installment of the flue.The CD begins with "I Don’t Wait Up", a contagious melodic rocker where the vocal melodies, both lead and backup, are stellar. This is obviously the band's greatest strength; harmony vocals - just check the personnel - all members performs backing vocals.The guitar solo is fast and crisp, and after that, the multi-part harmony vocal arrangement is great. This song should have been a major hit back in a day.What follows is a succession of absolute Melodic Rock crackers with some AOR touches, to name a few; the immense summertime feel good vibe of "Can You Feel It", the keyboard infused DOKKEN-esque "Broken Promises" or the smouldering midtempo AOR of "Dreaming".Bands of this ilk excel at something bereft of today’s music -- the power ballad. "She’s Walking" is perfect and will leave you singing for days after a single listen.We Keep Falling In Love" is a song WHITE LION should have recorded in 1988. The singer sounds like MIKE TRAMP in parts here, and the chorus is once again catchy and the background vocals shine.BLIND DATE has delivered here a collection of wonderful hook-filled / tuneful collection of songs. Ten tracks of pure US Melodic Hard bliss sporting all the elements that made the genre exciting, colorful and fun during the golden days - "Can You Feel It" is an awesome album from start to finish.This band is much more than 'another one that didn't make it' demos: their quality is superior than the regular, and those tracks are professionally recorded & produced.Fans of this genre, do yourself a favor and pick this one up.


Buster Grant – Lead & Backing Vocals
JB Slimp – Guitar, Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Mark Ellis – Guitar, Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Darren Keeling – Bass & Backing Vocals
Chris Didear – Drums & Backing Vocals


01 – Don’t Wait Up
02 – Can You Feel It
03 – She’s Walking
04 – Daddy’s Little Girl
05 – Broken Promises
06 – Everybody’s Baby
07 – We Keep Falling In Love
08 – Dreaming
09 – Without Your Love
10 – When I’m Alone

+ Video "She’s Walking" (Official Video)

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