Eyes / L.A. Rocks - Demos (Japan Bootleg Edition) (1990)

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Eyes / L.A. Rocks - Demos (Japan Bootleg Edition) (1990)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 09 Aug 2022, 07:21

Eyes / L.A. Rocks - Demos (Japan Bootleg Edition) (1990)








Year : 1990 (Japan Bootleg Edition)
Style : Melodic Hard Rock , AOR
Country : United States
Audio : 192 kbps + scans
Size : 111 mb


Eyes is a hard rock band from Los Angeles, California, USA, that was formed under the name of LA Rocks in 1986.The band changed its name to Eyes in 1988.Not to be confused with Eyes from New Haven, although James Christian was a vocalist in both bands.The band changed the vocalist several times in the early days, when it was still called LA Rocks. Jizzy Pearl, Mark Boals, Parramore McCarty, Mark Weitz (2), Rob Lamothe, Jeff Scott Soto and James Christian all sang for this band in this short period between 1986 and 1988. At last Jeff Scott Soto returned to the band in 1988 when it was already called Eyes.Eyes recorded an impressive demo tape in 1989 that also found ex-RATT and ROUGH CUTT bassist Matt Thorr involved. Keyboards, at that point, were courtesy of former BERLIN man Todd Jasmin.Fronted by Soto, Eyes signed to Curb Records, a label normally associated with Country music after originally recording an album's worth of material for Capitol. The band's debut album was released through in 1990 and was the first to feature an album recording of the L.A. ROCKS classic 'Nobody Said It Was Easy', a number that must have been recorded by every singer who has ever rehearsed with Aldy Damien. All but two of the tracks on the first album featured YNGWIE MALMSTEEN man Marcel Jacob on bass.The group toured with NAZARETH, SLAUGHTER, KANSAS, GREAT WHITE, BAD COMPANY and CHEAP TRICK as well as headlining club dates. A proposed co-headlining tour with SAIGON KICK and county fair shows with REO SPEEDWAGON and KANSAS never got past the starting gate after Curb refused financial support.Soto would quit the group after the 'Windows Of The Soul' album, featuring the recordings done for Capitol back in 1989, was eventually released. EYES hooked up with Mark Weitz (having once auditioned him in the L.A. ROCKS days), but the singer failed to last the distance and the two parties parted company in 1993.Whilst searching for a replacement vocalist, EYES auditioned the likes of Kelly Hansen of HURRICANE and Robert Mason from LYNCH MOB, even talking to ex-BUSTER BROWN, KING KOBRA and FOREIGNER singer Johnny Edwards. Eventually the search led them to Boston and erstwhile SHOUT and WILD HORSES vocalist John Levesque. He had been working on an abortive project with ex-WHITE LION guitarist Vito Bratta around that period.


Jeff Scott Soto from the awesome Japan AOR Moon Collectors series, the “LA Rocks” compilation.Since the mid-80s, “LA Rocks” was a Californian collective (also known as ‘Eyes’) including several members from renowned hard rock bands, such as Marcel Jacob (Yngwie Malmsteen), Michael Dorian (Lillian Axe), Chuck Wright (Giuffria, House Of Lords, Quiet Riot), Jimmy O’Shea (Cacophony), Jeff Naideau (Life By Night) and many more. Even Mike Porcaro (Toto) collaborated with them.There were several singers as well, including Jeff Scott Soto but also James Christian, Jim Wilkinson (later famous as Jizzy Pearl) and Malice’s Mark Weitz.Good sound demos from all are included here.Later Soto took the name ‘Eyes’ for the band of the same name which managed to release official material included into the 2-CD we featured at 0dayrox. On this Japan AOR Moon Collectors disc there’s also a rare live recording from that line-up.There are demos, but darn awesome.

Line Up:

Jizzy Pearl aka Jim Wilkinson (Love/Hate, LA Guns)
James Christian (House Of Lords)
Jeff Scott Soto (Yngwie, Talisman, WET)
Mark Weitz (Malice, Ramos)
Steve Dougherty (Burning Rome, Berlin)
Todd Jasmin (Berlin)
Mark Thorr (Ratt, Rough Cutt)
Marcel Jacob (Yngwie Malmsteen)
Aldy Damian (Eyes II)
Michael Dorian (Lillian Axe)
Chuck Wright (Giuffria, House Of Lords, Quiet Riot)
Jimmy O’Shea (Cacophony)
Bobby Fraga (Eyes II)
Jamie Sheriff (Eyes II, LaMarca)
Jeff Naideau (Life By Night)
Mike Porcaro (Toto)


Lead vocals JIZZY PEARL

01. For Yyou
02. Nobody said it was easy
03. I want you
04. In the darkness of your heart


05. For You
06. Nobody Said It Was Easy


07. Livin’ in the city
08. Nobody said it was easy
09. Livin’ on the edge
10. Gone too far
11. You better stop

Lead vocals MARK WEITZ

12. Cheyenne
13. Wishin’ well
14. No time to pray

EYES LIVE 1990 w/Jeff Scott Soto

15. Intro
16. Wired 4 love
17. Every single minute
18. Can’t get enough
19. Walkin’ fire

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Download links for all albums only on our blog here: http://goodmetalandhar.do.am/


Download links for all albums only on our blog here: http://goodmetalandhar.do.am/
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