Steel Arctus - Fire And Blood (Digipak Edition) (2020)

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Steel Arctus - Fire And Blood (Digipak Edition) (2020)

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Steel Arctus - Fire And Blood (Digipak Edition) (2020)






Year : 2020
Style : Epic Heavy Metal
Country : Greece
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 118 mb


Epic Heavy metal band from Thessaloniki, Greece.Debut Album about the adventures of the mighty warrior Steel Arctus in the mountains of Pindos, Hellas.Steel Arctus is a heavy metal band from Greece founded in 2020 by guitarist and main songwriter Nash G. ‘Thanasis Gousis’ (Silvernite, Nash B.C.) On vocals was recruited Tasos Lazaris (Fortress under Siege, Hyperfuel) and on drums Xines from Portugal. The album was mixed and mastered by Stratos Karagiannidis ‘Strutter’ (Gus G, Wardrum, W.A.N.T.E.D., Silvernite) at Valve studios in Thessaloniki. The fantasy cover was illustrated by Manos Lagouvardos.The debut album ‘Fire and Blood’ is a mix of classic heavy metal with epic metal elements. The concept is about the warrior Steel Arctus who is fighting at Pindos Mountains and each song reveals one of his adventures. The album is consisted of eight tracks of 30 minutes total music and it will be released on October 30 by Valve Studio Records.


BATTLEROAR and DEXTER WARD get brand new colleagues from their homeland when it comes to sword-wielding Heldenstahls, namely the newly founded STEEL ARCTUS from Thessaloniki, who will present a promising genre debut on October 30th.The title track "Fire And Blood" is not for nothing the namesake and opening number of the crisp 30-minute debut, because here the newcomers immediately show all their qualities to perfection: With very simple means, the listener is skillfully pushed into a world of epic battles. The simple but effective riff work plays to the elegant-catchy melodies, which then lead into a classic fist-raising-sing-along chorus. Great!As further tips I would name the band anthems "Steel Arctus" and "Savage Heart" (here the Greeks show that they can do it a little more melancholy).In terms of content, the adventures of the fictional hero, namesake and cover mascot STEEL ARCTUS in mythical Greece are celebrated.The level of the above checkout tips is not always 100% maintained, but all numbers fly effortlessly through the green area. There can be no question of a gray average for a second. In addition to a lucky knack for catchy melodies on the part of songwriter Nash G., the confident singing of Tasos Lazaris certainly contributes to this.Conclusion: A strong debut that the newcomers STEEL ARCTUS present to us. It must be the Spartan legacy that Greek bands keep expressing itself in the form of strong traditional steel. Clear recommendation!


Tasos Lazaris - Vocals, Guitar -See also: Erase, Fortress Under Siege, Hyperfuel, Sidë Effects, Ghost Season
Nash G. - Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
Xinês - Drums - See also: ex-ChristShade, ex-Legion, Awaiting the Vultures, ex-Damien's Trail of Blood, ex-Switchtense, ex-Dementia 13 (live)


guitars/bass/keys recorded at M60 studio Thessaloniki, Greece
vocals recorded at Tasos Lazaris studio
drums recorded at Xines studio, Portugal


All music and lyrics by Nash G.
Music in Savage Heart by Nash G./Elias Elias from Ephemeral
Keys in Savage Heart by Elias

Special thanx to Arcadian Lady and Theo for the lyric help
mixed and mastered by Stratos Karagiannidis (Strutter) at Valve studio
album cover by Manos Lagouvardos
logo booklet by Condour productions
Valve studio records 2020


01. Fire and Blood (04:09)
02. Steel Arctus (03:46)
03. Hellhammer (03:36)
04. Doombringer (03:15)
05. Moira (01:43)
06. Savage Heart (04:47)
07. Arcadian Lady (04:40)
08. Fire and Blood (Instrumental) (04:08)

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