Hughes / Thrall - Hughes / Thrall (1982) (Rock Candy Remastered 2006)

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Hughes / Thrall - Hughes / Thrall (1982) (Rock Candy Remastered 2006)

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Hughes / Thrall - Hughes / Thrall (1982) (Rock Candy Remastered 2006)







Year : 1982 (Rock Candy Remastered 2006)
Style : Classic Rock , Hard Rock , Progressive Rock
Country : United Kingdom , United States
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 120 mb


Glenn Hughes (born 21 August 1951, Cannock) is an English rock bassist and vocalist, best known for playing bass and performing vocals for rock pioneers Trapeze, the Mk. III and IV line-ups of Deep Purple and briefly fronting Black Sabbath in the mid-1980s, as well as working with Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi as a solo artist. In addition to being an active session musician, Hughes also maintains a notable solo career. He fronted the supergroup Black Country Communion from 2009 to 2013 and from late 2013 to early 2015, California Breed.Hughes fronted Finders Keepers in the 1960s as bassist/vocalist, as well as the British funk rock band Trapeze.Hughes was recruited to replace Roger Glover as bassist in Deep Purple in 1973, though he considered himself more a vocalist than a bassist. He was reportedly uninterested in the Deep Purple job until some of the other members proposed that Paul Rodgers of Free be brought in as co-lead vocalist. Though the recruitment of Rodgers fell through, Hughes had now become interested in the "two-lead-singer thing", and David Coverdale was later hired as Deep Purple's lead vocalist.The two would ultimately share lead vocal duties in the band until their break-up in 1976. Battling severe cocaine addiction,Hughes embarked on a solo career following his departure from the group, releasing his first solo album in 1977 called Play Me Out.In 1982, he joined with ex-Pat Travers guitarist Pat Thrall to form Hughes/Thrall, and they released one self-titled album which went virtually unnoticed at the time.Part of the reason for the album's obscurity was the inability to support it with a proper tour due to both parties suffering from drug addiction. As Hughes stated in a 2007 interview, "The Hughes-Thrall album was a brilliant, brilliant album, but we only did 17 shows because we were too loaded." It is now often cited by many fans/musicians to be their favourite Glenn Hughes album. In the mid-1980s, Hughes recorded several different albums with bands and artists including Phenomena (Phenomena, Phenomena II: Dream Runner), Gary Moore (Run For Cover), and Black Sabbath (Seventh Star; originally a solo album by Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi that was released as a Sabbath album due to record label pressure).Hughes' health problems due to overeating, drugs and alcohol began to seriously affect his musical projects, and this contributed to very short stints with Gary Moore and Tony Iommi, as Hughes was unable to tour with them properly due to his bad health. By the end of the decade, Hughes' realised his ongoing drug problem was derailing him, and by 1991 a clean, sober and fully rejuvenated Hughes returned with the vocal for the hit "America: What Time Is Love?" with KLF. He also recorded all the vocals for former Europe guitarist John Norum's solo album Face the Truth. He then re-embarked on a solo career that he has primarily focused on to date. In 1999, Hughes did a short tribute tour to Tommy Bolin in Texas, with Tommy's brother Johnnie (of Black Oak Arkansas) on drums.In 2005 Hughes released Soul Mover supporting it with a European tour. He also collaborated with Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi on the 2005 album Fused. Hughes then released Music for the Divine in 2006, which featured Red Hot Chili Peppers members Chad Smith and John Frusciante. Hughes toured in support of the album throughout Europe in autumn 2006.Released on Edel Records on 17 November 2007 is Live in Australia, an acoustic CD and companion DVD of a performance at Sydney's famous "Basement" club. The show features songs from most recent Hughes albums, Purple classics and rare gems and covers.His newest album, First Underground Nuclear Kitchen was released on 9 May 2008 in Europe and on 12 May in the rest of the world. In 2009, Hughes formed Black Country Communion with Jason Bonham (drums), Joe Bonamassa (guitar) and Derek Sherinian (keyboards). The band has released three albums as of October 2012 and disbanded in March 2013 following the departure of guitarist Bonamassa.In July 2010 Hughes appeared as a guest vocalist (together with singer Jorn Lande) fronting Heaven & Hell at the High Voltage Rock Festival in London as a tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio.Hughes' autobiography was published in May 2011 by British specialist limited edition publishers Foruli. The book, titled 'Deep Purple And Beyond: Scenes From The Life Of A Rock Star', was co-written with author Joel McIver and featured contributions by Tony Iommi, David Coverdale, Ozzy Osbourne and Tom Morello, as well as a foreword by Lars Ulrich of Metallica. An extended paperback edition, retitled 'Glenn Hughes: The Autobiography', was published in late 2011 by Jawbone Press.On 13 September 2012 Glenn Hughes and Derek Sherinian met Bako Sahakyan, the president of the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and organised a concert in Stepanakert.In 2013, Hughes makes a special guest appearance on the debut,self-titled album from Device. Hughes is featured on the song "Through It All" accompanying David Draiman on Vocals.In April 2013 Hughes appeared in Readings, Carlton for an Australian launch of Glen Hughes: The Autobiography.Hughes has been touring as a member of Kings of Chaos, as lead vocals, backing vocals and acoustic guitars since early 2013.In late 2013 he formed a new band called California Breed with drummer Jason Bonham and guitarist Andrew Watt. In 2015, California Breed announced that they had broken up. The group released one self-titled album in 2014.

Patrick Thrall is an American rock guitarist. Thrall began his recording career in 1972. He played guitar, vocals, and percussion with the group Cookin' Mama, which had his brother, Preston Thrall, on percussion. They released the album New Day in 1972.Thrall was born and raised in Alameda, California. Starting as a drummer at 11, then moving to guitar at 13, by age 15 he joined the Alameda band "Cookin’ Mama". The band had some success in the San Francisco Bay Area and released the album "New Day" in 1972. At age 18 Thrall was involved in the first ever instructional book for rock guitar titled "Improvising Rock Guitar Vol 1".Thrall has worked with former Deep Purple bassist Glenn Hughes on the Hughes/Thrall project,[1] and was a member of the Pat Travers Band during the peak of their success. He co-wrote one of Pat Travers' biggest hits, a hard-driving tune titled "Snortin' Whiskey", which became one of the most requested songs on American radio in 1980. Thrall later joined Asia, and played lead guitar for Meat Loaf during that artist's major comeback in the 1990s.He began attracting attention as a guitarist in 1976 after the release of "Automatic Man" (signed by Chris Blackwell-Island Records), a band that was put together by former Santana drummer, Michael Shrieve. The band recorded their first album in London with Keith Harwood producing (Led Zeppelin Presence, The Rolling Stones Black and Blue). In 1978, Thrall was chosen for the co-lead spot with Pat Travers. He recorded three LP's with Travers: Heat In The Street, Go For What You Know and Crash And Burn. Their first hit was "Boom Boom Out Goes The Lights". The latter LP featured the hit "Snortin' Whiskey", which Thrall co-wrote with Travers.Thrall came to the attention of Glenn Hughes; the chemistry between the two clicked immediately when they formed Hughes/Thrall in 1981 in Los Angeles. The album was co-produced by Andy Johns and Rob Fraboni. The record was not a commercial success but furthered Thrall's reputation with many musicians at the time citing the Hughes/Thrall record as a major inspiration. Gary Moore gave Thrall a nod crediting him for "inspiration" on the Gary Moore & G-Force album.After the demise of Hughes/Thrall he moved to New York and worked as a studio musician and as a sideman touring with major artists. He recorded two albums with the Jamaican rhythm section Sly and Robbie. He played on the Tina Turner album "Foreign Affair" and was featured on the classic "Simply The Best".In 1988, Thrall toured and recorded with the legendary Jack Bruce of Cream fame. The performance at The Bitter End in New York City was historic as it reunited Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton for the first time since the last Cream concert at the Royal Albert Hall. He recorded and toured with Meat Loaf on his 1993 comeback record "Bat Out of Hell II" which was one of the biggest albums of the year with the hit "I Would Do Anything for Love".After recording two more albums and after several tours Thrall left Meat Loaf in 1996 and opened one of the first Pro Tools based production suites at Avatar studios in New York City. The technology was in its infancy but Thrall saw the incredible possibilities and put together a mobile system that could be taken to the other studios at Avatar. Thrall found his niche and success as producer and engineer, becoming a technology leader, pioneering the use of Pro Tools for studio recordings. He has also lent his talent and support to initiatives such as Nelson Mandela's foundation to fight AIDS in Africa.Between 2007 and 2011, he worked with producers Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, who were responsible for Rihanna's "Umbrella", Justin Bieber's "Baby", Beyonce's "Single Ladies", Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body", and Jay Z's "Holy Grail". Since 2014, he has continued to work on such projects as Demi Lovato's version of "Let It Go"; Celine Dion and Stevie Wonder's duet of "Overjoyed", and many songs with Jessie J, including the duet with Tom Jones, "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling".


HUGHES / THRALL self-titled album from 1982. Including two previously unreleased bonus tracks and remastered from the master tapes by Rock Candy Records, the album sounds better than never.When Deep Purple finally collapsed in mid 1976 beneath a blanket of fatigue and insurrection all bets were off as to which members would fly phoenix like from the wreckage. Loaded with talent, Purple was a breeding ground for a significant amount of lofty and successful spin off projects including Whitesnake, Rainbow and Gillan but it wasn’t until 1982, following a couple of low key solo projects, that bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes resurfaced with a unit that would quite rightly stop the Rock world in its tracks.Teaming up with highly respected guitar maestro Pat Thrall (Automatic Man, Pat Travers Band, Asia) the duo formed HUGHES / THRALL, a collaboration that not only promised much on paper but would eventually deliver one of, if not the best, post Deep Purple records in that particular cannon of excellence.Meticulously produced by seasoned studio guru Andy Johns (Free, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen) the record received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic reception from old and new fans alike.Basking in clear cut melodies, razor sharp guitar chops and edgy production there’s some of the best Melodic Hard Rock songs crafted in the first half of the ’80s, on par with any Journey or Foreigner album.The icing on the cake? Well, Glenn Hughes pipes, of course. The Voice of Rock has never sounded so confident and so well suited to the material displayed on this album.Every song, every phrase, every lick; pure manna from heaven.Songs like “I Got Your Number’, the AORsish ‘The Look In Your Eye’ (my favorite and a true classic), ‘Beg, Borrow Or Steal’, ‘Where Did The Time Go’, ‘Hold Out Your Life’, ‘Who Will You Run To’, ‘Coast To Coast’, just to name some, are timeless classy Melodic Hard Rock songs.This remastered edition from Rock Candy is extended with 2 excellent bonus tracks that were especially prepared by Pat Thrall for this release.One it’s called ‘Love Don’t Come Easy’, written for the second album that never was. In the ’90s they started to work in a possible ‘Hughes / Thrall 2′ and recorded this song. It’s really melodic highlighting Hughes’ vocals.The awesome ‘Still The Night’ was also penned for the second album. Years after the great Phenomena project recorded a version, and also John Norum did one for his Face The Truth album. This original from Hughes / Thrall is much more groovy than these. I love it.“Hughes / Thrall” is a magnificent Melodic Hard Rock record.Every song is special, musicianship top notch – Quiet Riot’s Frankie Banali recorded most the drums – and production is simply brilliant.Hughes remembers it as it was yesterday: “When we put Hughes / Thrall together, we immediately had this great sound. As a trio we sounded huge.Pat had his synthesizer guitar back then, and we had this amazing depth to pull from. We wrote a lot of material too and we were in pre-production for maybe six months before we went into the studio”.Hughes remarks; “I have lost count of the many people (and musicians!) who have put this CD at the top of their playlist. I am very proud of this project. There is a definite vibe on this gem”.One thing is for sure: there was a certain chemistry between Hughes and Thrall that drove them to incredible heights.Back in the day, “Hughes / Thrall” went quite unnoticed in America, but it was big in Japan & Europe becoming a classic in Melodic Hard Rock circles.This is another Rock Candy re-issue that should be owned by every fan of the genre. The remaster is excellent and the great 16-page artwork with exclusive pictures and extensive liner notes with details of the creative process is truly juicy. There’s still some copies in some shop’s stock, but it’s officially out of print.


Glenn Hughes - bass , vocals - See also: Iommi, Glenn Hughes, ex-Black Sabbath, ex-Deep Purple, ex-Erik Norlander, ex-Black Country Communion, ex-Brazen Abbot, ex-California Breed, ex-Finders Keepers, ex-Gary Moore, ex-Hughes Turner Project, ex-Hughes/Thrall, ex-L.A. Blues Authority, ex-Michael Men Project, ex-Trapeze, ex-Hank Davison (live), ex-Ken Hensley (live)
Pat Thrall - guitar, guitar synthesizer - See also: ex-Asia
Frankie Banali - drums, percussion

additional musicians:

Gary Ferguson – additional drums
Gray Mallaber – additional drums
Peter Scheless – keyboards


Design [Re-Issue] – Cürt Evans
Engineer – Andy Johns, Tim Kramer
Engineer [Assistant] – David Ahlert, Jim Perkins (2), Tom Yuill
Executive Producer – Joel Brandes, Ron Domont
Illustration – Andy Zito, Earl Keleny, John Lykes, Matt Mahurin, Nick Taggart, Steve Carver
Liner Notes – Geoff Barton
Mastered By [Originally Mastered] – Bob Carbonne*
Mixed By – Andy Johns
Photography By – Glen Christensen
Remastered By – Jon Astley
Typography [Lettering] – Margo Nahas*
Words By, Music By – Glenn Hughes, Pat Thrall (tracks: 1 to 7, 9 to 11)


01. I Got Your Number
02. The Look In Your Eye
03. Beg, Borrow Or Steal
04. Where Did The Time Go
05. Muscle And Blood
06. Hold Out Your Life
07. Who Will You Run To
08. Coast To Coast
09. First Step Of Love
10. Love Don't Come Easy (Bonus Track)
11. Still The Night (Bonus Track)

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