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Onslaught (UK)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 13 Máj 2015, 12:24

Onslaught - VI (Limited Edition Digipak) (2013)







Year : 2013
Style : Heavy Metal , Thrash Metal
Country : United Kingdom
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
Size : 152 mb


Onslaught are an English thrash metal band from Bristol, England. Initially active from 1983 to 1991, they reformed in 2004. The band initially drew influence from second wave punk rock bands such as Discharge and The Exploited, and then adopted a straight forward thrash metal sound. To date, Onslaught have released five studio albums, one compilation, four singles and two live recordings: a live album and a DVD.Onslaught was formed in 1983 in Bristol influenced heavily by the second generation of punk bands such as Discharge, The Exploited and GBH. Hardcore in nature, the music was simple and nihilistic, picking up on the disaffected zeitgeist. The band's earliest live performances hail from around this time and are the subject of some conjecture, although perceived wisdom records the band's first official gig at the Summit club in Kingswood, Bristol in late 1983. The original line up recorded only a single demo at Sam studios in Bristol and featured tracks such as Rape, Overthrow the System, and the very first rendition of Thermonuclear Devastation.Personal issues saw the band employ a new vocalist and bassist with Roge Davies and Paul "Dickie" Davies taking on the respective roles. A series of support slots thereafter saw them opening for acts such as The Exploited, The Varukers and One Way System in Bristol. In addition the band performed a series of gigs around the rest of the UK. The second line up recorded a cassette-only release, What Lies Ahead, which included tracks such as Black Horse of Famine and Stone Divider.


Listening to this album brought to mind the previous effort by British death-or-glory boys Onslaught: "Expanding the threshold of power (power!)" (Sounds Of Violence, "Born For War") And you know what? That's exactly what they did.Picking up from where the aforementioned album left off, VI continues Onslaught's revitalization and plays ferocious thrash metal at a dynamic and volatile pace. Fast blazers like "Chaos Is My King" and "Fuel For My Fire", the latter of which could be a representation of what Onslaught would've sounded like if they came from LA in the 80's rather than Britain, show the band doing as they've come together to do.The heavy hitters, meanwhile, such as the scathing "Cruci-Fiction" and the colossal "Children Of The Sand", carry the album on its back, the latter especially with its touch of suitable middle-eastern influenced vocalization which really complements the combination of the chorus and the halting riff in it.But the real highlights of the album as a whole (aside from the mad riffage) is a) vocalist Sy Keeler continuing to prove he has serious pipes, whether in rough cleans expected in thrash or the occasional growl that borders the genre of the band from a heavier thrash album to death-lite and b) the punishing production which really makes the album punishing in sound. Let's face it: if this album was released at a time when thrash was still in that paper-thin sound era, it would've lost all its venom.Of course the album is not without retraction. The album begins to stumble by the last two somewhat-unmemorable tracks, and then there's the (albeit expected for a thrash metal band) use of clichés, the main culprit being 66'Fucking'6 which, while impressive song-wise, can be considered immature, as most so-called "metal anthems" tend to be. But then, if you're not one who cares about imagery, it shouldn't be a problem.Basically what I'm saying: If you can get past the clichés, you'll be rewarded with a consistent thrash in a year that was severely lacking in that department, but in a group of veterans that have been taking it back with gusto.Oh, and if you manage to find the version of the album that features the redoing of Shellshock (from the Shellshock EP of '88), go for it. It's a good reworking of an earlier semi-classic from the band and a sign of the current times and possible future of Onslaught.

Line Up:

Nige Rockett Guitars (1982-1991, 2004-present)
Sy Keeler Vocals (1986-1988, 2004-present)
Jeff Williams Bass (2006-present)
Andy Rosser-Davies Guitars (2008-present)
Michael Hourihan Drums (2011-present) - See also: Desecration, ex-Parricide, ex-Extreme Noise Terror


1. A New World Order 00:36 instrumental
2. Chaos Is King 04:05
3. Fuel for My Fire 05:05
4. Children of the Sand 06:05
5. Slaughterize 04:01
6. 66’Fucking’6 05:11
7. Cruci-Fiction 05:08
8. Dead Man Walking 04:06
9. Enemy of My Enemy 05:09
10. Shellshock (Bonus Track)

+ Video "66’Fucking’6" (Official Video)

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