Ransom - Ransom (1991) (20th Anniversary Edition) (Intense Millenium Records 2011)

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Ransom - Ransom (1991) (20th Anniversary Edition) (Intense Millenium Records 2011)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 17 Apr 2019, 09:23

Ransom - Ransom (1991) (20th Anniversary Edition) (Intense Millenium Records 2011)






Year : 1991 (20th Anniversary Edition) (Intense Millenium Records 2011)
Style : Christian Melodic Hard Rock , Female vocals
Country : United States
Audio : 320 kbps + scans + Video
Size : 171 mb


Hard Rock band that gained a following playing the clubs of L.A. during the heyday of hair metal.Ransom are lead by vocalist Lisa Faxon and guitarist Tony Ortiz.Came together in the mid-eighties when bassist Michael Ciado met vocalist Lisa Faxon through an ad placed in a Los Angeles area music paper. Initially got its start using the First Aid moniker but later changed name to Ransom. Ransom was, quite likely, the best of the fully-female fronted Christian bands of the “hair era”. Not only did Lisa Faxon have some incredibly strong vocals, the band, as a whole, was very talented, with guitar player Tony Ortiz being one of the better axe slingers you have probably never heard.The group’s 1991 self-titled Intense debut brings a joining of commercial metal and hard rock that fans of Crystavox, Shout, Stryper, Guardian, Angelica and Holy Soldier will be certain to appreciate. Female fronted groups of the time such as Arsenal, Scarlet Red and Rosanna’s Raiders also deserve consideration.There are two things that stand out about Ransom: 1) the groups all around heaviness 2) creativity of its better material. Both factors play a key role in top of the lines pieces “Lasting Love”, “Break Into Darkness” and “Fallen Angel”. If it is muscle you are looking for then check out the double kick drum action on “Break Into Darkness” or the rhythm guitar assaults of “Lasting Love”. “Fallen Angel”, in particular, is a special piece with its variances in time and tempo and exquisite chorus. These three are as good as it gets and represent the pinnacle of Ransom’s songwriting abilities.Intense Millennium has seen fit to reissue this classic album. They’ve remastered it which, naturally, improves the sound quality immensely. They’ve also added the band’s Once and For All demo as bonus tracks.


Los Angeles based Ransom's debut self-titled album. This release will celebrate the 20th anniversary of this often over looked commercial metal album. Featuring the amazing female vocals of front woman Lisa Faxon and shredding guitars of Tony Ortiz. For fans of bands along the lines of Lita Ford, Ratt, Stryper, and Dokken. "Ransom" will be remastered, and feature the bands 1988 demo "Once And For All" as bonus tracks.20th Anniversary Edition.Tracks 12 to 14 are listed as bonus tracks, and are from the band's 1988 demo tape 'Once And for All'. Track 15 is an unlisted hidden track from they were known as First Aid. Tracks 12 and 13 are also flipped from the cover to the CD order. Ransom's debut was released in 1991, but the band had been kicking around the clubs of Hollywood for quite some time in the late 80's, when metal ruled the land. They had recorded a few demos with little reaction from labels, though they did have a track on the enormously popular 1988 compilation "California Metal II". Finally in 1990 the band hooked up with Intense Records and recorded their self-titled debut.While the overall sound of the album is aimed at the more commercial metal crowd of the late 80's/early 90's (ie. Ratt, Stryper, Dokken, etc.), the album as a whole rocks! There is, of course, the obligatory ballads in "Tonight" and the acoustic based "When I Die". However, other songs such as the truly metallic "Lasting Love" and the double-bass led "Break Into the Darkness" are immensely heavy. "Lasting Love" is an incredibly hooky song for which the band recorded an0 MTV-style video. "Fallen Angel" is a mid-paced rock song in which Lisa Faxom reminds me of Heart's Ann Wilson. Actually, the song itself could have been something that Heart would have recorded in their 80's heyday. Lisa Faxom has an incredible singing voice. Guitarist Tony Ortiz is a shredder who could hold his own with some of the guitar greats of his day.The difference between Ransom and many of the Hollywood strip contemporaries was their lyrical direction. Ransom's lyrics are mature and grounded in Christianity. Overall a great heavy metal platter that I generally think of as a Christian metal classic.In 2010 the recently formed Intense Millennium Records put out a special edition 20th Anniversary version of Ransom's debut.The album was completely remastered and sound infinitely better than the original CD pressing. As well, there are four bonus cuts, three of which are the band's 1988 "Once And For All" demo. Of course the song "Sin Killer" from that demo was also on the California Metal II compilation. "Sin Killer" is a classic, galloping, heavy metal romp. The last three tracks are obvioiusly taken from a cassette copy of the demo and aren't of the same sound quality. It's a shame these songs were never recorded for an album. "Sticks & Stones" is an incredibly hooky song. The last track, "All My Heart" is a hidden bonus track that is not listed on the insert. The song is a demo from the days when the band were called First Aid. The re-issue features the original cover art, though a "20th Anniversary Edition" banner has been printed across it. The insert is a 6-panel that includes all the lyrics to the original eleven songs.Album number two, would also be the band's last as I assume they lost their contract with the flailing Intense/Frontline Records. Ransom's sophomore disc is a bit bluesier that their debut with a beefier production, thanks to producer Lanny Cordola. (Lanny also lends a hand in background vocals) The lyrics seem a bit more mature, as the band seems to bring a spirit of worship to their music that wasn't as present on the debut. Stryper's Oz Fox makes a guest appearance on this disc as well, playing acoustic guitar on the blues romp "Sister Blue." This song is totally different from the rest of the album, but is crammed full of hook.On both discs Lisa Faxom sounds amazing.

Line Up:

Lisa Faxon – Vocals
Michael Ciado – Bass
Randy Kantor – Drums
Tony Ortiz – Guitars

Additional Musicians:

Jim Morris, Brent Jeffers – Keyboardas
Joseph Galletta – Drums

Former/Past Members:

Michael Ciado - Bass
Randy Kantor - Drums


01. Lasting Love
02. Rumors
03. Memories of You
04. Fool That I Am
05. Break Into Darkness
06. Tonight
07. Etched in Stone
08. Fallen Angel
09. Your Broken Heart
10. I'll Never Leave You
11. When I Die
12. Sticks & Stones (Bonus Track)
13. Sin Killer (Bonus Track)
14. To Be Like You (Bonus Track)
15. All My Heart (Hidden Track)

+ Video "Lasting Love" (Official Video)

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