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Coronatus - Secrets Of Nature (2017)

Napísané: 07 Dec 2017, 15:59
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Coronatus - Secrets Of Nature (2017)






Year : 2017
Style : Symphonic Gothic Metal , Female Vocals
Country : Germany
Audio : 320 kbps + front
Size : 174 mb


Coronatus is a German Symphonic metal band, formed in Ludwigsburg, Germany in 1999.Fronted by two female singers with contrasting voices and styles, the band has released four studio album since 2007.Originally founded in 1999 by vocalist Georgios Grigoriadis and drummer Mats Kurth, Coronatus released its debut single Von Engeln nur in 2002. In 2004, Grigoriadis left, and was replaced by not one but two singers, Carmen R. Schäfer and Viola Schuch. The permanent line-up was expanded in 2006 with the addition of guitarist Stefan Häfele, bassist Wolle Nillies and keyboardist Fabian Merkt.2007 saw the departure of Viola Schuch, who was replaced by Ada Flechtner.Chriz diAnno (bass) has played with the band in 2003, 2005–2006, and then again since 2007. Ada Flechtner left the band to devote full attention to her studies, but joined the German symphonic metal band Voices of Destiny in 2013, after their lead vocalist Maike Holzmann departed. Mid 2010, Natalia Kempin joined the band on the vocals and Dirk Baur joined the Band on Bass Guitar. On February 2, 2011, Natalia Kempin announced at her Facebook, that she leaves the band, due to different opinions about the band's music. Band, though, chose to represent her departure through posting of lies, stating, that decision was coming from them.The band follows in the style of established groups Nightwish and Epica. Their lyrics are in German, English and Latin, and their songs deal with life, interpersonal relationships, religion and death. Their musical style is melodic, rhythmic Gothic metal[1] with influences from symphonic metal, pagan metal and medieval metal.Songs are performed by two female singers whose styles are very different.The band's first contract was in June 2007 with record label Massacre Records and their first CD was released on 21 September 2007. Their second album was launched on 28 November 2008. The band has also taken part in several concerts with groups such as Haggard and Within Temptation.


Every year comes again - no, not the Christ child, but CORONATUS with a new album! Although you have to be honest despite the trite and too tempting joke, because the Stuttgart Gothic / Symphonic-Formation actually took a year longer this time to work on their next album. The same now hears the name "Secrets Of Nature", presents itself as a concept album on the subject of nature mysticism - and one hears him that this time CORONATUS for their now eighth studio album actually have time.However, the Swabians did not want to miss the cast of squatters, and in the course of this they fattened up the vocal section. Because in addition to the two ladies Carmen R. Lorch (soprano) and Mareike Makosch (rock voice) now joins two other singers: soprano Gaby Koss and singer Teddy Möhrke. In terms of production technology, you could never fool around anyway, but as far as songwriting is concerned, CORONATUS have now improved considerably. Many of the titles sound more streamlined and rounder than their predecessors, which seem to be more complicated and more accessible.The opener "Howling Wind" proves that, although it often sounds like NIGHTWISH, but makes you want to do more with its good structure. Also, "The Hunter" hits the same Finnish score ("Dark Chest Of Wonders", anyone?), Seasons with a pinch of SABATON memory keyboards and brings harmonious singing duels between the sexes - finished is a formidabler song that actually earwig earwig qualities. Together with the epic "Mountain Sky" (you can hear a pinch of SERENITY epic?) And the harmonic "Sleigh To Asgard", the first half of the album presents itself as surprisingly strong.With the first German-language song "Die See" it is over with the strength quickly over again, but unfortunately the song runs, largely without elevation, tough and long-winded by ear. The ears on "The Little People Of Iceland" jerk upwards - CORONATOS has never heard that hard! The feeling is underscored by the decision to present the male vocal lines with hearty, smoky intonation, prominently in the foreground. If the song could somehow decide between bombastic chorales, blastbeats, arrangements borrowed from the pagan section, and rich riffing, whichever direction it wants to take, it would underline the effect of the vocal performance (on the album generally) more clearly. "Dance Of The Satyr" develops the effect of a sleeping pill right after the somewhat broken chunks, while "Tears of Heaven" picks up on the stylistic thread of the first album part.The big end comes to the end: a very individual interpretation of the Swedish traditional song "Mr. Mannelig", which once helped IN EXTREMO to rocking honors. There are simply titles whose mood is simply killed by an operatic vibrato - "Mr. Mannelig" in the free interpretation of CORONATUS is unfortunately one of them.Except for the outliers at the end and a few weaker songs, CORONATUS has managed a surprisingly strong album overall, which is noted that more time and attention was put into it than on its predecessors. Although the Stuttgarters can not catch up with their genes, "Secrets Of Nature" means a clear step forward!

Line Up:

Mats Kurth Drums (1999-present) - See also: Might of Lilith, ex-Lyfthrasyr, ex-Psychotron (live)
Carmen R. Lorch Vocals (2004-2010, 2013-present) - See also: Cadence of Cage, Iluminate, Namrok, ex-Fangorn, ex-Mighty D., ex-Ferro Ignique (live)
Mareike Makosch - Rock Voice
Gaby Koss - Soprano Voice
Teddy Möhrke - Male Vocals
Kristina Jülich - Volin
Markus Stock - Guitars & Bass (Session Musician)


01. Howling Wind
02. Mountain Sky
03. The Hunter
04. Sleigh Ride to Asgard
05. Die See
06. The Little People of Iceland
07. Dance of the Satyr
08. Tränen des Himmels
09. Herr Mannelig

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