Assassin's Blade - Agents Of Mystification (2016)

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Assassin's Blade - Agents Of Mystification (2016)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 07 Mar 2019, 18:11

Assassin's Blade - Agents Of Mystification (2016)






Year : 2016
Style : Heavy Metal
Country : Canada , Sweden
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 165 mb


The band was formed in 2014 by Jacques, David and Peter. Assassin's Blade is a Canadian-Swedish heavy metal band, featuring none other than Jacques Bélanger of Exciter fame on vocals.From their 2016 promo-material: "Ever since they heard the rumour that Jacques Bélanger was working on a new project, the first since his EXCITER days ("The Dark Command", "Blood of Tyrants", “New Testament”), the Metal legions have been expecting a new classic.We soon found out that Bélanger had joined forces with a trio of Swedish musicians, bassist/song writer/lyricist Peter Svensson (Void Moon, TRAP), guitarist/song writer David Stranderud (ex-PORTRAIT, INSTIGATOR, TRAP) and drummer Marcus Rosenkvist (Void Moon) to write some exciting new material. During the recording, Janne Stark (known from Overdrive and author of the Encyclopedia of Swedish Heavy Metal books) contributed with guitar solos on most of the songs. The result is simply amazing. Make no mistake: Bélanger’s voice is as powerful as it ever was, with its typical US-Metal-like high pitched screams! Now first, let it be known that Assassin’s Blade material totally stands up to its Exciter influence, a trait that is most obvious in songs like "The Demented Force", "Transgression" and "Agents of Mystification". In "Autumn Serenade" or "Crucible of War", Bélanger voice might even remind you of Bruce Dickinson, while the song "Prophet’s Urn" will certainly appeal to younger fans of bands like TRIAL or PORTRAIT. Then, it is back to the thunderous mid-tempo "Dreadnought" and to the metallic "Nowhere Riders", in which we hear a perfect mix of EXCITER and AGENT STEEL that will obviously appeal to masses of metal fans.As if it were not enough, those who want epic material will be pleased with "Herostratos", where guitarist David Stranderud shows the World how much of a guitar wizard he really is. This album culminates in the heroic “League of the Divine Wind”, a saga in which the whole band shows its genius.All things considered, Agents of Mystification is a killer album, and finally, it is made available to you, the metal fans."


Assassin's Blade is the brainchild of ex-Exciter vocalist Jacques Bélanger, who recruited a band full of quality Swedish musicians and formed this band a few years ago, with the avowed purpose of playing old-school Traditional Metal. This is obviously a callback to sounds like classic Riot or Attacker, with a kind of NWOBHM sound to the riffs and a US-Metal sensibility to the songwriting. This kind of thing is really much more demanding than it sounds, because there are no gimmicks to hide behind, you just have to have first-rate songs, and Assassin's Blade don't really have any of those. The guitar tone is good, and the riffs are okay, but they are unmemorable, and derivative of much better bands and albums. Bélanger's vocals are not that exciting, as he is just kind of there. He's not bad, and when he busts out a high-pitched wail he sounds much better, but overall his performance sounds unexciting. This is not a bad disc, but you won't really remember one thing about it.

Line Up:

Jacques Bélanger - Lead & Backing Vocals (Exciter)
David Stranderud - Lead & Rhythm Guitars (Portrait, Devil Lee Rot)
Peter Svensson - Bass (Cult Of The Fox, Void Moon)
Marcus Rosenqvist - Drums (Void Moon)


01. Agents Of Mystification
02. Herostratos
03. The Demented Force
04. Dreadnought
05. Autumn Serenade
06. Transgression
07. Nowhere Riders
08. Crucible Of War
09. Frosthammer
10. League Of The Divine Wind
11. Prophet's Urn

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