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Skip Rock - Take It Or Leave It (2015)

Napísané: 10 Mar 2016, 09:54
od užívateľa Horex
Skip Rock - Take It Or Leave It (2015)






Year : 2015
Style : Hard Rock
Country : Germany
Audio : 320 kbps + front + Video
Size : 169 mb


After more than 6 years, SKIP ROCK continues to bring their signature blast of Hard & Heavy Rock over many cities this time. And at each and every show, listeners are amazed by the explosive power of the band's performance.Skip Rock were formed in 2009 by guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Marc Terry, well known as mastermind of bands like Rockaine and Big Daddy’s Toy and last not least as co-producer and songwriter of Paul DiAnno (former Iron Maiden front man) "Marc Terry says, it's all about maintaining that intensity in their live shows. “We never wanted to be one of those bands that had made the same old stuff for years. It has always been kind of an unspoken rule that we don’t slack up, we stack up. We go out there every night to win.” It is that steely determination that lives in the band members hearts.Completing the band is guitarist/vocalist MARC TERRY, lead guitarist and backing vocalist DARIUS DEE, bassist PATRICK PAUL and drummer JAN SKIRDE. SKIP ROCK on stage, is a celebration of true rock`n roll and brotherhood, a precision unit bringing the dedication and honesty to a history of classic songs, as well as surprisingly fresh new material.And from the start, they’ve played relentlessly, bringing their signature brand of ‘power` to fans all over EUROPE.In 2012 former bass player Rico Galvagno left the band and got replaced by `Oi`. But Oi made the decision to go different ways after one year on the road with the band.After selling a couple of thousands of records and touring Europe since beginning, in late summer 2013 Marc Terry and Darius Dee took a break, after drummer Willi Wurm was leaving SKIP ROCK and came to the decision, to change the concept of the band.Complete again with new bass player and drummer, Skip Rock are combining metal, and southern rock elements to forge a new sound that will resonate in the upcoming album summer 2014.The new music features their trademark strengths: strong powerful riffs & hooks, anthem choruses, and powerful vocals, combined with elements of metal and southern rock songwriting as well as instrumentation, is called now “WESTERN RAW CAN ROLL”


SKIP ROCK is a small band from Germany, founded in 2009. Only 2 of the founding members out of 4 are still in the band to this date. The departure of both their former Bassist Rico Galvagno and his replacement Oi triggered a change in the band; they decided to change from Hard & Heavy Rock to a symbiosis of Metal and Southern and Western Rock. This is the first album from this era.What really hit me on this album is the warm and melodic voice of Marc Terry. He really pours his soul in each song. It is a bit rugged on occasion, but always in tune. He really brings a charming sound that can hardly be imitated. If you are anything like me; the voice of the band is really what hits you first. I’m having a hard time coming up with a comparison for him; he has that kind of voice you can’t forget.The music throughout the album is very melodic. Going from electric to acoustic and back again on many occasions, the feeling is very good. This reminds me a lot of VOLBEAT which plays the same kind of music. They play this mix of genre perfectly; I really love what they did with this. They are not going crazy with a lot of solos or complicated riffs, but they keep it simple and to the point.Here are the songs that I enjoyed the most on this album:“Too Young”: This song is an awesome ballad, warm and very melodic. On the first listen; I was a bit confused with the slower beat and more Country like sound. But after a few times, it grew on me more than I want to admit. I really enjoy the warm feeling that comes from the lyrics and the voice of Marc. He is also joined by Gaby Weihmayer on this piece; her voice really fits with Marc’s and brings a nice touch to this, already great, song. “Rick n Nazty”: This song as a “je ne sais quoi” that made me want to wave my head and sing with him. It is very entertaining and fun to listen to. It’s no surprise that this is the song they choose for a video clip out of this album. You can see for yourself in the video down below. To conclude, I really like this album. From a small local band; I think SKIP ROCK could probably get known a lot more in a near future. The charisma of their singer could bring them somewhere. I’m going to continue listening to this album in my main playlist for sure and I will keep an eye on these guys.


Marc Terry – Lead Vocal, Guitar
Darius Dee – Lead Guitar, Background Vocal
Patrick Paul – Bass
Jan Skirde – Drums


01. Intro
02. Tell Me Why
03. Death Or Glory
04. Jesse James
05. Outlaw
06. Motorcycle Man II
07. Rich N Nazty
08. Hell Is On Fire
09. Too Young
10. Take It Or Leave It
11. Hit N Run (Live)
12. Rough N Ready (Live)

+ Video "Rich`N` Nazty" (Official Video)

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