Giulio Nightfall - Instict Hard ‘n’ Heavy (2014)

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Giulio Nightfall - Instict Hard ‘n’ Heavy (2014)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 06 Jan 2015, 18:47

Giulio Nightfall - Instict Hard ‘n’ Heavy (2014)





Year : 2014
Style : Guitar virtuoso, Hard Rock
Country : Italy
Audio : 320 kbps + front
Size : 132 mb


Giulio Nightfall is a Italian musician and poet. He was born in Treviso and since he was a child he has been demonstrating creativity and imagination, astonishing his friends with ingenious inventions.At the age of fourteen he enrolled, almost by chance, in a music school to study guitar. Since that day he’s fallen in love with the sound of the vibrations of the six strings: "the smell of wood imprinted on the hands, the soundboard which vibrates on the chest transforming emotions into sound waves that propagate in the space, the growing emotion, memories that flow into a stream of notes wrapped by the rhythm and the plectrum writing on a sheet of paper, a novel made of notes and emotions ... "He always writes and composes his own music in which alternates from moments of sweetness and happiness to dark and powerful moments of pure rock. The contrast, that the music is wrapped in a mystery of light and darkness, traces a path of perpetual dualism that human beings live in every day, in which love often clashes with hatred, the sweetness with coldness, fragility with strength and tears with a smile.He has been immediately noted for his solo qualities and his touch of the guitar through which he emphasizes the various emotional contrasts. Being appreciated by various musicians, he wrote several solos and compositions for other emerging groups. In the meantime he continued to study music intensively with the aim to reach a creative and inventive path as autodidact. By growing in many genres, he began to collaborate with many artists and he started to fall in love with other instruments. He still composes music (pop, rock, hard rock, metal and soundtracks) in which, through individual recordings of various tracks, plays all the instruments, so that he can have a clear idea of ​​his own composition at 360 °.The emotional research, the passion towards the transmission of strong emotions does not end only in music. In fact in 2007 Julius Nightfall became fond of poetry, continuing to alternate darkness and light. It is during that period that he wrote a collection of poems called: "Sussurri di un romantico vampiro", published in December 2012.Feeling a strong passion toward poetry he also decided to approach to the writing of novels:"Il mistero della città segreta" (the Mystery of the secret city) , Thriller" Il richiamo nella notte " (the call in the night), Thriller...To live emotions and to transfer them became a real addiction. Here he began his studies in the field of psychology, NLP, positive thinking, buying and reading 76 books. In that period he wrote “Libera il vero te stesso e potrai ogni cosa “ (“Release the real you and you everything"). This book contains, in 300 pages, a set of emotional art: poetry, short stories, combined with psychological techniques to quickly find the serenity of life and good humor.After the wonderful experience in the field of psychology, he dedicated himself to the recording of the new album: "Fighters", published at the end of 2012. This album has been recorded with home-made guitars by Giulio Nightfall. The Particularity of guitars is that they have no paint, so to the wood is left complete freedom of movement.The album consists of songs of different genres, suitable for soundtracks and instrumental rock music fans. He is still busy with a new album "Viento de Fuego".


Beyond 12 disks published in just two years, a great guitarist talented with fantastic energy, Giulio Nightfall presents its last work Hard and Heavy 'Instict' !


Giulio Nightfall - guitars , vocals


1. Just Set Free
2. You Don’t Need Her
3. I Cut You
4. Behind the Doors
5. Overload Dreams
6. Walking On the Road
7. Winner
8. Bright Eyes
9. Domination
10. Revenge and Glory
11. King of the Darkness
12. To the Core
13. Devils ‘n’ Angels
14. Yes I Want
15. Damned Rock Guitarist (Bonus Track)

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