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Cain's Offering (FIN)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 26 Jún 2015, 16:48

Cain's Offering - Gather The Faithful (Japan Edition) (2009)







Year : 2009 (Japan Edition)
Style : Melodic Power Metal
Country : Finland
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 113 mb


Cain's Offering is a Finnish power metal supergroup that formed in 2008.Cain's Offering was formed by former Sonata Arctica members Jani Liimatainen and Mikko Härkin, Stratovarius singer Timo Kotipelto, Norther and Wintersun bass player Jukka Koskinen and drummer Jani Hurula.[1] Their debut album Gather the Faithful was released in July 2009 through the Japanese label Avalon.All music and lyrics were written by Liimatainen.On June 25 the band announced that they've signed a deal with Frontiers Records and that their debut album will be released on August 28 in Europe and on September 11 in the USA.Many fans were asking about a tour, and this is what Jani said in an interview with "Power of Metal":So far none, since as you probably know, Timo is very busy with Stratovarius now that they just released Polaris. Hopefully next year we get to do some live shows, as I would love to bring this material to life up on the stage as well.In June 2014, a new official Facebook page was created for Cain's Offering, and Jani mentioned that he plans to have a new Cain's Offering album written by September - according to him, he has four songs almost finished, and four more that he composed with Kotipelto.[6] At least two of them would be used in a future album by Cain's Offering or Stratovarius.On 5 March 2015, the title and tracklist of their second album was announced on the band's official Facebook page.The album is called Stormcrow. The album will be released in Japan on 29 April 2015.


Gather The Faithful is power metal at it's most accessible.It's fairly (not to say very) easy on the ears, it's the kind of album that you give someone to listen to when you wish to convert that person into a metal fan. What I've just stated should not be mistaken for criticism. The debut album of Cain's Offering is filled with great melodies, awesome power metal riffs and the music is simply catchy as hell.This is a good album.The production is certainly excellent, if just a tiny bit too polished and the overall performance of the band is very good too. Probably the most surprising thing about the performance is how well the songs suit Kotipelto's voice. I've never been a big fan of Stratovarius or Kotipelto (say sorry), but I cannot imagine anyone singing "Oceans Of Regret" better than him, even Tony Kakko. Jani has a few fast enjoyable solos, though in all honesty they don't approach the glory of his solos on the early albums of Sonata Arctica.Ultimately what makes the album worth your money, is the excellent songwriting. Some parts of Gather The Faithful are almost overflowing with creativity, pulsating with true inspired creation. It sounds like Jani had almost too many ideas when writing the music for "Oceans Of Regret" and "Morpheus In A Masquerade", especially the former. One melody is chasing another, one riff barely escapes the wrath of the next one as it comes crashing in, it's just awesome. The lyrics are mostly concerned with love, loss and angst, but they work rather well. I am forced to mention "Oceans Of Regret" once again, but it really is the best track on the album, lyrically as well as musically. Rarely does a song capture the feeling of being used, abused and abandoned so well as this one. Great art is always inspired by great sadness and/or great happiness and Jani has mastered the craft of translating powerful emotions into music very well. However, it's not all good, which is why the overall rating isn't higher. The album closes with a ballad that's way too similar to Taylor Dayne's song "Tell It To My Heart". Also, while the music is good, it doesn't break any new ground. There's nothing at all original about Gather The Faithful.In the end, it's very easy to recommend this album not just to fans of Sonata Arctica and Stratovarius, but to all fans of Scandinavian power metal. If you belong to any of the aforementioned groups, then I believe Gather The Faithful has earned it's place in your collection.

Line Up:

Jani Hurula Drums (2009-present)
See also: Isäntä Meidän, Silent Voices, ex-Thyrane, ex-Tears of Drama

Jani Liimatainen Guitars (2009-present)
See also: ex-Graveyard Shift, ex-Tricky Means, Kotipelto & Liimatainen, Sydänpuu, ex-Sonata Arctica, ex-Paul Di'Anno (live), ex-Altaria, ex-Dream Asylum

Timo Kotipelto Vocals (2009-present)
See also: Kotipelto, Stratovarius, ex-Filthy Asses, Kotipelto & Liimatainen

Jonas Kuhlberg Bass (2014-present)

Jens Johansson Keyboards (2014-present)
See also: Mastermind, Stratovarius, Russell Allen's Atomic Soul (live), ex-Johansson, ex-Jens Johansson, ex-The Johansson Brothers, ex-Silver Mountain, ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen, ex-Kotipelto (live), ex-Dio


01. My Queen Of Winter
02. More Than Friends
03. Oceans Of Regret
04. Gather The Faithful (Instrumental)
05. Into The Blue
06. Dawn Of Solace
07. Thorn In My Side
08. Morpheus In A Masquerade
09. Stolen Waters
10. Tale Untold (Japan Bonus Track)
11. Elegantly Broken

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