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The Uncrowned (JAP)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 08 Mar 2017, 17:15

The Uncrowned - Revive (2016)






Year : 2017
Style : Melodic Power Metal , Female vocals
Country : Japan
Audio : 320 kbps + front + Video
Size : 137 mb


Melodic Powe metal band who announced pause indefinitely in 2015: centered on Takeshi (Gt) who was the central character of ACTROID, his brother Naoki (Ba) and SHAL (Vo), 2016 Formed in January of the year.Since its formation, he devoted himself to making songs without performing any live activity, and on December 16, 2016 released a debut album "REVIVE" with nine songs from Black-listed Records.The work produced without concern for "sorrowful beauty" and "strength" was debut work, BURRN! Editorial department: Mr. Fujiki evaluated as "No. 1 album of 2016", attention from various directions .


Takeshi (G), the central character of ACTROID (inactive indefinitely), who announced suspension of indefinite activity in October 2015: for the 2nd album of ACTROID that was supposed to be released Started as a project to shape the songs I wrote. It was Naoki (B), my younger brother, who first talked about Takeshi when I started. Of course, it is not surprising that the musical taste is close and they are familiar with each other's nature, but the fact that it was a bassist with a technique that he trusted above all became a deciding factor.In January 2016, SHAL (Vo) joins there, and a band is formed. SHAL, which had not experienced as a vocalist until then, rarely sings in front of people because he had a complex in his own voice, but Takeshi accidentally heard her singing voice fell in love with the singing voice, and vocalist I asked for subscription as. It was a SHAL that did not shake his neck vertically, but I gradually felt that I wanted to change my complex into strength, and I finally decided to join the band.The name of the band was named THE UNCROWNED by Naoki ... It means "uncrowded" when literally translated, but the desire to create high-quality music that can only be made by them, even if fame is not obtained It is included.In order to make use of SHAL's unique singing voice, we abandoned all songs completed for ACTROID's 2nd album, and new song making was started. THE UNCROWNED 's debut album "REVIVE" with 9 songs recorded will be released from Black-listed Records on December 16, 2016.Technical play by Takeshi and Naoki, emotional and powerful singing voice of SHAL ... The work stuffed with nine songs sticking to "beauty of sorrow" and "strength" is not only a melodic HR / HM fan, All rock and fan lovers who love melodies are finished in an essential piece.


Naoki Bass, Guitars (acoustic)
Takeshi Guitars, Keyboards - See also: Actroid
SHAL Vocals

Additional Musician:

Hiroaki Kusano – Chorus
Nanao Kubase – Drums & Percussions

Lyrics by SHAL except M-7 by Masaki
Music & Arrangemnet by Takeshi except M-7 by Naoki
Recorded by Takeshi & Naoki at Kubase Studio & The Six Studio
Mixed & Mastered by Takahiro Hashimoto (GALAXY BLAST MASTERING)
Artwork by Mikka (ma'am)
Photograph by Kazuo Nakahara (studio9)


1. Shiver 05:44
2. Revive 04:10
3. Infinite 05:33
4. Blue Moon 05:07
5. Relume 04:37
6. Brave My Heart 05:18
7. Toward You 06:14
8. Duello 05:06
9. Unwavering 06:41

+ Video "Revive" (Official Video)

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