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Manigance (FRA)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 01 Dec 2015, 18:42

Manigance - Volte-Face (Japan Edition) (2014)







Year : 2014 (Japan Edition)
Style : Progressive Power Metal
Country : France
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
Size : 129 mb


So it has taken more than four years for a successor to "L'ombre et la Lumiere", released in May 2006. Four long years in which the Band gave many concerts and a lot of work of composition. For this new album , Manigance has reap the benefits offered by new technologies, each musician having had time to finlize in his own home studio, the compositions mostly written by guitarists Francis Merle and Bruno Ramos. Manigance has created an impressive album of 14 new songs, produced and mixed in the group's own studio. Not hesitating to vary the pleasures, without being unfaithful to the style that earned him his reputation, the sextet explores new ways on the very aggressive "Mercenaire," "En seigneur" or "Chant de bataille". In terms of innovations, we note also the beautiful instrumental "Vertiges", the more Hard FM " L'ombre d'hier", or" Sans détour", an acoustic ballad quite unique in its form. While very fast "Recidivistes" revives the "melodic power metal" found in 2002 on the album "Ange ou démon", titles like "Larme de l'univers" or "Dernier Allié" look towards the glory days of Kamelot or Stratovarius. But beyond his immense musical abilities, easily recognizable, if Manigance managed to make a place in the "metal world" is above all thanks to this particular and powerful sound and this way of singing in French who is now become a real trademark. In a world where almost all the groups sing in English, Manigance has taken a place apart, preferring to preserve its identity rather than blend into the crowd ... Once again the voices and texts are impeccable and Didier Delsaux combine well with the strong rhythms and melodies distilled by other major partners. Marc Duffau and Daniel Pouylau respectively bass player and drummer were also hard pressed to support such an assembly, while in the keyboards, the interventions of a newcomer, Jean Lahargue, are reminiscent flashes of genius Jens Johansson. Again, without forget to renew, with "RECIDIVE" Manigance once again offering their fans everything they want: powerful melodies coupled with intelligent lyrics, and remains the leader in the heavy metal "made in France "!


You would think that a French band singing in French wouldn’t need any more excuses to fly under the radar. Yet the promotional campaign for the fifth Manigance album Volte-Face was almost non-existent. I say ‘almost’, not ‘virtually’, because I did see an ad at some point on its own Facebook-page. All this serves to underline what an utter shame it is that Manigance doesn’t have the publicity machine of a big label behind it, because it deserves more than most to be heard.For those of you into power metal who still haven’t checked out this band due either to unprocessed feelings towards the Battle of Hastings or a linguistic defect called ‘being a native English speaker’, pardon the bloody French already and damn well check these guys out. Volte-Face (which, in combination with the verb faire, means ‘turning things around’) should make you faire volte-face, because it is another excellent entry in an increasingly spectacular discography.After 2011’s Récidive, which had a face-melting opener in “Larme De L’Univers”, expectations were high for this one’s first assault. “Pur Sang” isn’t quite the space missile that “Larme” was, but it is an adequate introduction to the modern-sounding energetic brand of power these veterans play. I saw them live once, and for guys who look like they should play in a Grave Digger-age kind of band, they have a remarkably fresh style anchored by blistering leads, tasteful keys, and the unmatchable raspy vocals of Didier Delsaux. He has the raw approach of Joe Amore (of countrymen Nightmare-fame), with double the charm.Manigance is nothing if not consistent, so rest assured: this album kicks ass from start to finish. Let me just single out some highlights in the anthemic “Leader” (which is English and cheating), the glorious “Apparence”, the French-dictionary-au-lieu-de-fist-pumping title track, and the light-speed “Ultime Atome”. tylistically, little has changed, but if anything, Volte-Face features shorter, punchier songs than some of its predecessors. Perhaps it doesn’t stack up to career milestones Ange Où Démon or L’Ombre Et La Lumière, but it can play ball like Karim Benzema.In any case, it’s always a delight to have a new Manigance in our musical lives (even if we almost missed it, hmph). So change management, change strategy, and for all of us Heavenly fans – witnesses to Ben Sotto’s accent, please don’t ever change the language you sing in (we heard “Say It Ain’t So”). The power metal public at-large may always keep you at a grammar professor’s arm’s length, but we’d rather you remain an underground treasure than some lazy sellouts. Vive la France, vive Manigance!

Line Up:

Jean Lahargue Keyboards
Stéphane Lacoude Bass (1995-1996, 2013-present) - See also: ex-Arsenic, ex-Blind Panther
François Merle Guitars (1995-present) - See also: ex-Killers
Didier Delsaux Vocals (1995-present) - See also: ex-Blind Panther, ex-Crazy Hammer
Bruno Ramos Guitars (1998-present) - See also: ex-Mistreated
Guillaume Rodriguez Drums (2012-present) - See also: ex-Arsenic, ex-Meltem

Guest musicians

Olivier Lapauze / guitars
Stéphan Forté / guitars


1. Pur Sang
2. Leader
3. Le Côté Sombre
4. Apparence
5. Volte-Face
6. Ultime Atome
7. Sans Relâche
8. Planeta Zemlya
9. Say It Ain't so (cover Murray Head)
10. Le Mirage
11. Parjure
12. Seule (Japan Bonus Track)

+ Video "MANIGANCE PPM Fest 2012"

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