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Ultimatium (FIN)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 22 Jún 2015, 17:10

Ultimatium - Hwainoo (Japan Edition) (2008)







Year : 2008 (Japan Edition)
Style : Melodic Power Metal
Country : Finland
Audio : 320 kbps + front + Video
Size : 166 mb


This all started one boring autumn day back in 2001. My friend Timo came to see me, in hope of getting a new ring tone for his phone. Timo had one cartoon melody in his mind, but I just didn't make ring tone out of it, I made whole song and after that I recorded it with my computer. That gave me the idea to start recording my own music with my computer, since I didn't have any active bands that time. I released my first solo-demo as an introduction of my skills and I managed to get two vocalists for my demo. Cd was called "Call of the Twilight". It didn't reach any big success, but I did get some name in internet mp3 sites.After military service, I still didn't have any band and I started to make my second demo, after one friend asked me to do it. This time things were bit different and after some really hard times and lots of disappointments, I managed to get full 5 song Cd ready and I named it "End of Darkness". I was able to get some top-class pro singers this time for the Cd and this time I got little more success. Two good reviews and one interview to a Greece netzine "Behind the Veil". I also hit the TOP40 in mp3.com's power metal-charts one day, in position 40 and songs got total amount of 1010 download/streams in December 2002.


Ultimatium are a Finnish Power Metal band.These guys play high-octane, acrobatic and melodic metal in the vein of Stratovarius and...Stratovarius some more. That's not anything too stunning; we have lots of bands doing that these days. I mean, without a real Stratovarius at the moment, who are we to turn to for our daily dose of sugary melodies and soaring vocals and speed metal riffs? Twilightning? No, not Twilightning. Ultimatium, that's who!This is a very well crafted and streamlined album, with no real filler or throwaway tracks; just a whole lot of classy Power Metal. Power Metal isn't a very strong genre these days, and it seems like the safest bet if you want to stay inside the genre's lines - if you're not Edguy or Helloween - is to throw together a spirited romp full of pomp and pride, chock full of catchy choruses and all the stereotypes of the genre done beautifully well. And what surprises me about Ultimatium and their stellar sophomore effort Hwainoo is just how brilliant this stuff is. Every single riff and chord sounds like it came straight from the band's collective frozen heart, every frigid, chilly chorus is meticulously constructed to be as catchy and infectious as possible, and the production accentuates all of this wonderfully. Ultimatium have a lot of heart, and that's commendable in this world of commercialization and bullshit slinging.That isn't to say they can't kick ass, too, because they sure as fuck can. On opener "Fight the Time," the band pumps out some of the best melodic Metal I've heard in the 21st century thus far, rivaling even Stratovarius's best work with a fist-pumping riff and a chorus so happy and sweetened that you won't be able to resist singing along, and they don't let up, with such loyal and luscious impressions as "Dreamlife," the ripping "Set the Sails" and the AOR-soundalike (and this is not a bad thing) "Descent." "Storms" is a ballad, and while it IS a bit excessive in its emotion sometimes, I still like it. On the second half of the album we get killer shit like the blazing, furious "Over the Edge," which features a stunning keyboard backdrop,some harsh vocals and a piercing chorus, and then the more introspective "Play the Game." The token epic here is "Whispers of the World," and it's a good song, not too pompous or over the top, with just the right amount of grandiose elements added in for good measure. It will not disappoint.If you like bands like Dragonland,Episode-era Stratovarius and Excalion, Ultimatium should be the brightest gift under your Christmas tree this Winter season. Full of proud, spirited music with heart and soul to rival the best of whatever is in your collection, Hwainoo will not disappoint.

Line Up:

Matti Pulkkinen Keyboards (2001-present) - See also: Santhyr
Harri Niskanen Guitars (2003-present), Drums (2004)
Tomi Viiltola Vocals (2004-present) - See also: Perpetual Rage, Viilto, Santhyr, ex-Alliance, ex-Dreamtale
Juha Haipus Bass (2013-present) - See also: Vermivore
Matti Auerkallio Drums (2014-present) - See also: Enthring, Katra, Soulfallen, ex-Crimson Lotus, ex-Crystalic, ex-Farmakon, ex-Avenie, ex-Duality, ex-Foxy Flammable


1. Fight the Time 05:07
2. Dreamlife 04:31
3. Set the Sails 05:11
4. Storms 05:06
5. Descent 03:57
6. On the Edge 06:24
7. Play the Game 05:01
8. Whispers (of the World) 08:46
9. 09. Heaven For Us (Japan Bonus Track)

+ 2 videos "Follow Me" (Official Video)

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