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Tokyo Blade (GBR)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 27 Sep 2017, 09:47

Tokyo Blade - Tokyo Blade (2CD) (Japan Deluxe Remastered Edition) (2016)







Year : 2016 (Japan Edition)
Style : Heavy Metal , Hard Rock
Country : United Kingdom
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 132 mb


Tokyo Blade is an English heavy metal band, active since 1982.Tokyo Blade is one of the many acts considered part of the new wave of British heavy metal (NWOBHM) movement from the late 1970s / early 1980s. Tokyo Blade went through many changes of formation and disbanded twice, often changing their musical style during the years of activity. However, the band is still active today, with three of the original members in the line-up.The band was formed in Salisbury in the late 1970s under the moniker White Diamond later changed to Killer in 1981 and then changed again to Genghis Khan.The original line-up consisted of Alan Marsh (vocals), Andy Boulton (guitar), Ray Dismore (guitar), Andy Robbins (bass), and Steve Pierce (drums). Later in the year, the band changed their name again, signed with the British independent record label Powerstation Records and recorded their first album. This album was self-titled in all regions, except in the United States, where it came out as Midnight Rendezvous on the Combat Records label. Also in 1981, the band shared the stages of clubs and festivals with notable acts such as Metallica and Venom.Like many other acts of the period, Tokyo Blade was plagued by frequent changes of band members. By the time the follow-up album was released, vocalist Alan Marsh was replaced with Vic Wright. The album Night of the Blade was issued in 1984 with Wright on vocals. However, in 1998, an edition of the album featuring Marsh's original vocals was eventually released as Night of the Blade... The Night Before. In that period, Tokyo Blade took part in tours and festival packages with Blue Öyster Cult and others with Dio, Ozzy Osbourne and Scorpions. The band's third record Black Hearts & Jaded Spades was released in 1985 by the band's own label in Europe and available in the USA as an import only. The band filmed a concert at London's Camden Palace, which was aired on Channel 4 in 1985, and has since made its way on to multiple bootleg DVD releases. By the end of the year, Tokyo Blade disbanded, with all members dedicating their time and efforts to other projects.


Japan-only remastered reissue series of TOKYO BLADE, the Deluxe Edition mini-LP replica plus a bonus disc of the band's first album "Tokyo Blade".Features 24 bit new remastering and cardboard sleeve packaging with OBI & inserts. The cardboard sleeve replicates the design of the UK LP.This Japanese reissue comes with a bonus disc with 12 tracks total, including tracks from the rare Tokyo Blade previous EPs ("Midnight Rendezvous," "Madame Guillotine," "The Caves Sessions") and a B-side.There was a period of music in the mid-to-late ¡80s where at least one member of every metal / hard rock band owned some kind of Japanese ephemera. You couldn’t swing a Hamer guitar without hitting someone in a rising sun T-shirt. Tokyo Blade fitted right in.Promisingly, 1983’s "Tokyo Blade" sounded like a fledgling Def Leppard. With the right kind of polish, songs like 'If Heaven Is Hell' could have bought them their own tour bus. This song is one of those metal-with-melody gems that boasts a chorus line that is embedded in the brain forever after just one listen.Formerly known as Genghis Khan, this Salisbury quintet already had three singles to their name before recording this debut LP.None can deny Tokyo Blade’s conviction to metal on this record, which features up-tempo songs chock full of revved up guitars and quality hooks.It’s hard not to enjoy spirited cuts like 'Sunrise In Tokyo' (with great soaring lead breaks), the cool chorus of 'Liar', the rowdy and dual-soloed 'Killer City', the fast paced heads down 'Powergame', or the aforementioned 'If Heaven Is Hell'.On a more commercial side, there's the Russ Ballard (often covered singer / songwriter at the time like Rainbow did) penned 'Tonight', a catchy tune.Tokyo Blade, the album, is a very fine showcase of early '80s British hard n' heavy. The bonus disc offers collectors material, Tokyo Blade early EP's with solid twisters like 'Mean Streak', 'Highway Passion' or 'Midnight Rendezvous'.Additionally, it's included the B-side of the Powergame single, titled 'Death on Main Street'.Tokyo Blade may score zero for originality in song titles, but they certainly gain full marks in my book for producing some of the best British metal from the first half of the '80s.


Alan Marsh - lead vocals
Andy Boulton - guitar
John Wiggins - guitar
Andy Robbins - bass
Steve Pierce - drums


CD1: "Tokyo Blade" Remastered

01 - Powergame
02 - Break the Chains
03 - If Heaven Is Hell
04 - On Through the Night
05 - Killer City
06 - Liar
07 - Tonight
08 - Sunrise in Tokyo
09 - The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine


01 - Death on Main Street
02 - Midnight Rendezvous
03 - Mean Streak
04 - If heaven is Hell
05 - Highway Passion
06 - Madame Guillotine
07 - Breakout
08 - Love Struck
09 - Monkey's Blood
10 - School house is Burning
11 - Shadows of Insanity
12 - Jessabel

1 B-side of the single "Powergame"
2-5 - Midnight Rendezvous EP
6-8 - Madame Guillotine EP
9-12 - The Cave Sessions

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