Steelclad (GER/ITA)

Heavy Metal , Epic Heavy Metal , NWOBHM , Stoner, Sludge
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Steelclad (GER/ITA)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 06 Jún 2018, 14:25

Steelclad - Heavy Metal (Digipak Edition) (2013)






Year : 2013
Style : Heavy Metal
Country : Germany , Italy
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 123 mb


STEELCLAD is a band whose style of Old School Heavy Metal brings the listener back to the greatest decade in Metal history...the 80's; where hammering riffs, harmonizing guitars, and the power of a vocalist's high-pitched screams could electrify an audience. Only with the release of their debut EP entitled "Descending Archangels", they have already stirred up alot of attention in their homeland of Saxony (Germany). With the support of "Enni" Haagen, promoter and booking agent for the Skullcrusher Club, STEELCLAD has been gaining alot of experience through live performances, winning Battles of the Bands, interviews, and great music reviews.After a couple of line up changes,Michele Scalise "Mike Steel" ( lead singer, Guitarist and Manager ) and Markus Weidmüller "Markus J.Steel" ( Guitarist & Backing vocals ) started in 2013 the recording sessions at : Volker Pöckel Studio ( Drums ) and Black Wave Studio ( Guitars,Mix and Master ) of their first album "HEAVY METAL" having behind the drums one of the most talented Italian drummer "Francesco La Rosa"."HEAVY METAL" is right now available for 12 € + delivery costs 3€ , as a limited press digipack edition untill 01/11/2013 where it gonna be replaced by the official press release in standard CD jewel case and Vinyl edition.The band is currently working on their second album where songs title like " Running Man " gonna deliver their peculiar mixture of epic vocals and killer riffing once again.


Since the German underground scene for true classic heavy metal is not big at all, it's easy for a young fresh band, if they get discovered, to release small jewels. Bands like Sacred Steel, Metal Inquisitor or Atlantean Kodex are still underground, but already cult acts for traditional headbangers here and everywhere in the world. Yet, Steelclad from Dresden in the far east of Germany remain obscure - undeserved! Believe me, this demo is nothing but timeless, heroic and powerful heavy metal grandness!Let's start with the vocals. Singer Michele is not German, but Italian, which is clearly audible. I'm not quite sure what realy IS the special thing about Italien singers but when you listen to bands like DoomSword, Wotan, Holy Martyr, Battleroar (which are greek, but their vocalist is italien) or in our case Steelclad, you'll agree that they all have a certain kind of accent and a unique kind of voice and singing style. More high and very clean, but also very emotional and full of power. So does Michele, or how he call's himself MikeSteel. He hits every note perfectly, manages clean singing, high shrieks and old school rough screaming like in the chorus of the first song.But Metal's not made of the vocals only, right? So how about the instrumentation and the songwriting? Imagine something from the glorious 80ies, combining German and American traditions of classic heavy metal. There's something of early Helloween (but less happy), Running Wild (but less brutal) or Accept (but less dirty) in it and dunked into a shitload of all the things which made the underrated US power/ epic/ heavy metal so damn magical. Most of all it reminds me of Medieval Steel (which most famous song they also play live). Not just because of the vocals but because of the more midpaced, anthemic songs, creating an atmosphere of epic battles, shining armory and knights so kingly it's beyond believe. There's the true metal feeling of ManOwaR, yet it's nowwhere near as weird as maybe Manilla Road or Brocas Helm. More accessible and catchy. The production also reminds me of Medieval Steel or maybe Riot on their "Thundersteel" album. It's crystal clear, very transparent, not much focussed on the bass but more high, yet remains heavy and crisp with a lot of reverb on it - very old school and 80ies like indeed.Every serious metalhead needs to hear this, especialy when he's into Medieval Steel, old ManOwaR or the new generation of South European epic metal (like Battleroar, Wotan, DoomSword...). You won't be disappointed, so get it wherever you can!


Mike Steel - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Markus J. Steel - Guitar, Vocals
Markus Steel - Bass, Vocals
Ger Steel - Drums


01. Hellraisers
02. Strike At Will
03. Never Surrender
04. Metal Apocalypse
05. Shreds Of Night
06. Sacred War
07. Don't Touch My Bullet
08. The Iron Law

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