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Airborn (ITA)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 28 Nov 2017, 11:59

Airborn - Dark Future Rising (Digipak Edition) (2014)







Year : 2014
Style : Heavy Metal , Power Metal
Country : Italy
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
Size : 171 mb


Since 1995, Airborn are known for their straight ahead power metal. They started their career with the critically acclaimed Against The World album, produced by world famous sound engineer Piet Sielck (Blind Guardian, Iron Savior), followed by the progressive influenced D-Generation. In 2009 Airborn returned with a new line-up (Alessio Perardi on vocals and guitars, Roberto Capucchio on guitars, Domenico Buratti on bass and Roberto Gaia on drums) and a new album: Legend Of Madog, a successful stream of live shows followed culminating with the participation to Agglutination Metal Festival 2010 together with international stars like Cannibal Corpse and Korpiklaani.In December 2012, to celebrate the 10th year of their debut album and to remember late bass player Alberto Leschi, Demos & Rarities Collection is released.In 2014 New album Dark Future Rising is released by Remedy Records/Soulfood.


Bleak visions of a distant blackened impending calamity upon the worldwide human society have been the material for prophecies, conversations and chants. It has been no secret that in a kind of matter we are slowly destroying ourselves, letting hidden forces take over as time marches on. However, threats to our existence can be from outside planet earth, aliens and maybe robotic marauders that will decide to annihilate or enslave us due to our inferiority, but who knows, it is probably unlikely. Talking about a potential dark future to our way of life helped me present that new album of the Italian veteran Power Metal band, AIRBORN, led vocalist / guitarist Alessio Perardi, after a five year draught. Naming it “Dark Future Rising”, and resigning with their old German label Remedy Records, AIRBORN relatively conserved their Euro Power Metal affiliation, largely closer to bands such as IRON SAVIOR, GAMMA RAY and RUNNING WILD, nonetheless, this besmirched envisioning, with a trivial stimulus of hope, is possibly the band’s most ambiguous conception to date.I have been following AIRBORN since their debut album “Against The World” of 2001, both it and the one afterwards “D-Generation” virtually sounded like off shoots of early IRON SAVIOR albums, meaning high octane Teutonic driven Power Metal (possibly due the production involvement of IRON SAVIOR’s creator Piet Sielck). “Legend Of Madog”, which appeared after the band’s first hiatus of six years, sent mixed messages regarding the band’s music, but overtly it seemed that Perardi and crew have been going through a sort of musical phase when it comes to their music, especially with such a fully stuffed release of sixteen tracks. Though I didn’t wish to admit it at first, but the newly “Dark Future Rising” didn’t come as a surprise. AIRBORN still yearn for the Power Metal that made them click in their early years, yet they were no foreigners for developing their music into a deeper type of solemnity that made the material in questions fairly diverse even if not exclusively unique.There are the easy going Power Metal crunchers speeding through the night like “Reign of the Human Race”, which is a typical AIRBORN song that reminded me something of their first two albums presenting catchiness in riffing, rhythm and chorus. “Solar Messiah” and the relentless opener, “They Arise”, bridged the same characteristics, however through its middle showed different signs of lead guitar productivity and a break away from the band’s ordinary song structure. “Wild & Free” and “Sword Of Justice” hailing through the shadows with a message of optimism and social reforms, melodic and speedy, mainly like a RUNNING WILD tracks, quite an impressive tune that could once again traced to AIRBORN’s past.On the other hand, as much as I am a traditional fan, particularly a follower of the band’s previous Power fast racing tacklers, I believe that the album’s greatness derived from shift, and you might even call it extensive maturity process, that has been going on. “Nitehawk” can be easily reckoned as a mini hymn, memorable tune but with a measure of depth, slow tempo tune with atmospheric lead guitar sections that kept me on the lookout, also the bass work showed its worth on several occasions. “Resurrection” an astounding epic that had me pinned down right from the first listen, Perardi’s unique vocal line, which was fairly produced, enriched the riffery with its presence. This guy might have a heavy Italian accent; however it will be easy to get used to. Furthermore, this gem lets you swim through the thought patterns with a mix of slight storytelling features right before it provides you another dreamy chorus that is simply breathtaking. That is what suspense is all about. Needless to say that the lead fretwork is extra amazing. Unknown if this bonus will be a part of the original upcoming release, nonetheless, the finality of the spiritualistic “Things Of The Past”, with exception of the former track, is by far AIRBORN’s incomparable display of talent and musical creativity that somewhat drops their past ventures into a child’s play level. Attributing acoustic guitars, blissful keyboards, violins and a kind of a Spanish vibe, combined with a melodic Metal swing, let a few tears slip here and there, that is emotional intensity people. Perardi once again proved to be an ultimate vocalist, and this song is his best singing work to date.I guess that additional explanations are meaningless in this point, therefore, head on to buy this one please, and hurry, even though you still have time.


Roberto Capucchio Guitars (1996-present)
Alessio Perardi Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards (1996-present)
Domenico Buratti Bass (2005-present)
Roberto Gaia Drums (2006-present) - See also: 5 Star Grave

Guest / Session Musicians:

Piet Sielck - Lead Guitars (track 9)
Monica Tasinato - Violin (track15)


01. They Arise
02. Mess We're In
03. Reign of the Human Race
04. Sword of Justice
05. Nitehawk
06. King of Fear
07. Dark Future
08. Solar Messiah
09. Forces of Nature
10. Jack of All Trades
11. Bonecrusher
12. Wild and Free
13. Resurrection
14. Metal Nation (Bonus Track)
15. Things Of The Past (Bonus Track)

+ Video "Reign Of The Human Race" (Official Video)

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