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Overtures - Entering The Maze (2013)

Napísané: 16 Mar 2023, 15:44
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Overtures - Entering The Maze (2013)







Year : 2013
Style : Melodic Heavy Metal
Country : Italy
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 123 mb


OVERTURES are a melodic heavy metal band born in Gorizia in June 2003. The line-up is composed by Michele Guaitoli (voice), Marco Falanga (guitar), Luka Klanjscek (bass), and Andrea Cum (drums). Overtures’ first concert was in September 2003.

During the summer of 2006 Overtures started to record their first full-length album “Beyond The Waterfall”, which contains eight original songs: “Beyond the waterfall”, “Toy”, “Faded Dream”, “Town of Desolation”, “Silent Observer”, “The Self-Pitier”, “A Time of my Life”, “Hideout”; for a total length of about 40 minutes. In May 2007 OVERTURES signed a contract with the Italian label “Videoradio”.In July 2008, one year after the Italian release of the album “Beyond The Waterfall”, OVERTURES got in touch with “Rock It Up records” and signed a contract with the German label for the worldwide distribution of the CD. As a consequence of the deal with “Rock It Up Records”, OVERTURES started a set of promotional shows both in Italy and Europe, playing in different Italian cities and in Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia and other European countries. Songs taken from the album “Beyond The Waterfall” have been inserted in different European and Italian compilations and broadcast in many radio programs in Italy, U.S.A., Germany, England, Portugal and Brazil.

2009: REUNATION “A Tribute to Running Wild”
On November 13th 2009 the German label “Remedy Records” published “ReUnation – A Tribute To Running Wild”, an official tribute album to the legendary German band. The album was released because of the dissolution of Running Wild and featured, among the others, also by Overtures with their version of “Pirate Song”.

In October 2010 OVERTURES announced their passage to “Sleaszy Rider Records”, with whom they signed a new deal that links the two parts until 2013. The Greek label scheduled the release date of “Rebirth”, second full-length of the band and first album with the new line-up on March 7th 2011.“Rebirth”, mastered by ”Mika Jussila” (Children of Bodom, Nightwish, HIM, Lordi, Edguy & altri) at “Finnvox Studios” in Helsinki, and with the artwork drew by “Michael Schindler” (Motörhead, Grave Digger, Mystic Circle, Crematory & altri), contains the songs “Here We fall”, “Fly Angel”, “You Can’t spit On Me”, “Delirium”, “Farewell”,“Not Too Late”, “The Prophecy”, “My Name Is Fear“, “Easy”, “Daemons” and the bonus track “Not Too Late” in its acoustic version. As special guests on the album there are also “Rafahell” from “Elvenking” and “Akos Komodi” from “Halor”. Before the release of the album OVERTURES also shot their first videoclip for the song “Fly, Angel”, later broadcasted on some of the main European TV channels, among which Rock TV Italy and MTV Greece.

After the release of “Rebirth” the management of the band is put in charge of the Italian “Extreme Agency” in Italy, the English “Extreme Music Agency” (httpa// for the UK and northern Europe, and of the Brazilian agency “Insano Booking & Management” for the rest of the world. It also begins a minor deal with “Vivo Management” . Thanks to this collaborations, on February 2012 OVERTURES set off for their first European Tour - Life’s Rebirth European Tour 2012 - meant to promote the latest album “Rebirth” throughout Europe.

After the European Tour the band immediately started to work on a new album. With the new work the band also had a change in its line up: Adriano Crasnich substituted former member Daniele Piccolo and, for a very short time, Marco Falanga too is substituted by Stefano d’Amore, to be back a few months later. At the same time the management of the band is put in charge of the German agency “B.Musik Management”, a promotion deal is reached with the agency “Full Metal Service” and a minor deal is reached with the English agency “Extreme Music Agency” for the U.K. Booking.

On May 31st the band releases the new album “Entering The Maze”, containing 10 tracks: “The Maze”, “Under The Northern Star”, “Of Nightmares”, “Savior”, “Empty Trails”, “Consequences”, “In The Middle Of Nowhere”, “Programmed To Serve”, “A Different Point Of View”, “The Oracle”. The album also comes out with a DVD where the band introduces, after “Fly, Angel”, its second official videoclip for the song “Savior”. “Entering The Maze”, second release born from the collaboration between OVERTURES and Sleaszy Rider Records and mastered by “Sascha Paeth” (Edguy, Kamelot, Avantasia, Epica & more) @ Gate Studio sets the band to a new unique, personal and heavy sound that is strongly noticed by press, which immediately embraces the album with wonderful reviews. Just a few months after the release of “Entering The Maze”, thanks to the great response received, OVERTURES got scheduled for the Brazitalian European Tour as supporters to the co-headlining bands Almah & Secret Sphere and from November 1st to November 17th the three bands travel throughout Europe to promote their new albums together.

After the Brazitalian European Tour the band's management is put in charge of the Italian agency Truck Me Hard. The new collaboration perfectly works and immediately shows its results. After some appearance at some summer festivals, Overtures got scheduled first for two mini-tours in the eastern Europe: in September with Secret Sphere and in October with Temperance, "Entering the Maze" is promoted again with 6 shows in Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia. Just after one month, in November 2014, thanks to the collaboration between Truck Me Hard, Intromental, Rock the Nation and Sleaszy Rider Records, Overtures jumped into the tour-bus again as main supporters for English progressive metal masters Threshold. The 'European Joruney 2014' definitively delivers the band into the international panorama with 19 shows in the EU and UK. Immediately after this new tour, the band starts working on a new album.Overtures' booking and management is actually in charge of Truck Me Hard Agency.


After a lot of work, dedication and many experimentations while searching for the right line-up, the band OVERTURES from Gorizia, Italy, have just released their third album “Entering The Maze” which was brilliantly engineered and mixed by the band leader and the very skilled vocalist Michele Guaitoli, who does beside this technical studio wizardry, a few prowess in delivering some very passionate vocal interpretations.Indeed, he shows an impressive diversity in fitting perfectly with each kind of song, switching easily with talent between harsh, gruff and lyrical singing with luxury, as in the track “Of Nightmare” or once again, in excelling from tenor extravagance ("In the Middle of Nowhere" or "Savior") to a similar Andi Deris / Fabio Lione's high-pitched quick vibrato mode (“The Maze”) keeping proudly his versatility shining as his main asset in his own singing arsenal.The whole group also play at a quite stellar technical level with fluidity notably , the superb drumming onslaught, almost every number contains thundering and pumping double-kick assault and I also had to mention the former member Stefano D'Amore as guest lead guitar player who provides nothing more than seven huge solo spots.This album is the second published under the wake of the Greek label Sleaszy Rider Records, the 2010’s “Rebirth” was pretty interesting, but I think this time with a refined sound and a such fine collection of tracks with strong consistency like “Under The Nothern Star” or the headbanging anthem “Programmed To Serve”, they could have been on the list for the next hope in Spaghetti Power Metal. I believe we'll soon classified OVERTURES as a hard to beat contestant for TRICK OR TREAT / VEXILLUM / ARTHEMIS / HOLLOW HAZE / SECRET SPHERE and Co.Of course, my friends please, don’t expected nothing really new, no revolutionary invention or a world changing music style but, a well-crafted in the Euro Metal tradition, like the emotional and melodic “Empty Trails” that sounds very much like an AVANTASIA track or the energetic and powerful “Consequences” very near of the VISION DIVINE early style.Also I have to mention that as a gift "Entering The Maze" comes with a cool bonus disc in DVD format, containing the brand new official video clip "Savior", as well as the a making-of , but also the older "Fly, Angel", a RUNNING WILD cover song and a bunch of five tracks played live in the studio. Definitely a great idea and the best way to complete utterly, this very good album that ends in a climax with the nine minutes epic grand finale “The Oracle” with an adventurous shuffle, some mysterious atmospheric flavors under dark arrangements with many bombastic varied symphonic movements.A prelude to a close approach in Labyrinth type perfection.


Michele Guaitoli – Lead Vocals - See also: Future Is Tomorrow, Kaledon, Temperance, Visions of Atlantis, ex-Ship of Theseus, Era, ex-Hammered
Marco Falanga – Lead Guitar
Adriano Crasnich – Lead Guitar
Luka Klanjscek - Bass
Andrea Cum – Drums - See also: ex-Sacro Ordine dei Cavalieri di Parsifal


01. The Maze 05:07
02. Under the Northern Star 05:28
03. Of Nightmares 04:11
04. Saviour 05:21
05. Empty Trails 04:14
06. Consequences 05:07
07. In the Middle of Nowhere 04:45
08. Programmed to Serve 04:05
09. A Different Point of View 04:03
10. The Oracle 08:59

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