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Stratageme (FRA)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 22 Jún 2018, 11:13

Stratageme - Highway (2014)





Year : 2014
Style : Hard Rock
Country : France
Audio : 320 kbps + front + Video
Size : 129 mb


Stratagème was born in 1970, at that time the much missed Robert Belmonte (OCEAN) is the singer of the group. In 1971, Gérard Mottée joined us.An incredible number of musicians will make their weapons within the group,modeling step by step the style of Hard Rock we want to play.1973 - Release of a self-produced single "The Wizard and me" With Gérard on vocals, J-Pierre drums the series of concerts are linked together (Golf Drouot, Gibus, Festivals Spain,Luxembourg, various clubs all over France) but above all, a memorable visit to the Paris Opera ...! 1976 - Meeting with singer Patrick Abrial An album comes out at "Sonopresse" preceding many concerts in France ... (Huma Festival, Café Station, PS party and cultural centers) Press articles "Rock and Folk", "Best", "Rock in Stock" ... The title "Eldorado" is programmed for the credits of the show Rock "Bouton Rouge" on Antenne2.1979 - A new album is out, "The Candy" recorded at the Chateau d'Hérouville mythical place of Rock ...! with Laurent Thibault behind the console ... 1980 - Separation of the group ...! Rémi and Jean-Pierre join the ex guitarist of "Little Bob Story", Serge Hendrix, to form the group "Challenger" and record an album "First Round", which will be released in 1982.Gégé, the bassist, joins the band "TNT" with the current drummer of "Trust", (Farid Medjane) Several concerts in France including one unforgettable Pavillon de Paris, with "Little Bob Story" and "OCEAN",some TV shows with the group "Village People" 1982 - Gégé "puts the cover back" with his old man friend, Patrick Abrial and his son Thibault.New album, "The Girl of the Butcher" who goes out at CBS. Big tours and TV specials during two years...! 1984, the band separates, Thibault leaves to play with Michel Berger, Johnny Hallyday, Patrick returns to the theater, Gégé puts for a time, Music in parentheses, Jean-Pierre becomes an engineer-his freelance ... 2008 - It was time...! "Stratagem" is reborn from the ashes under the leadership of Gégé (bassman ...! The meeting with Alex Puiseux (vocals) will be decisive, the Hard Rock as we like it is still alive ... This group was missing only one talented person for "take the mayonnaise" ...! And the natural encounter took place, thanks to the guitarist Philippe Kalfon, master of the "six strings", the stage and the studio ... A little tour at Philippe: 1983/84: tour with the group "Smell" 1985: participation in the album "Subway" 1988: three-week tour of Japan 1990/92: tour to the States 1996: participation in the album "Taï-Phong" 1997: first part of Eddy Mitchel, more than one hundred dates in France, Eight concerts in Bercy 2000: first part of the "Texas" group in Bercy 2004/09: first part of "Lionel Ritchie" at the Zenith of Paris, participation in the album of "Pascal Mulot" (Tsar Bomba), to the album "GL BAND", several concerts with "Eric Bamy", 2008: last album of "Shakin 'Street" (Century Love Channel), 2010: several titles on albums from "Renaud Hantson" (Anal Oriental Rock and Opera Rock), etc ... 2012 - Many concerts since the reformation of the group: "The Petit Journal Montparnasse" "The Pacific Rock" "The Covent Garden" "The Pitchtime" "The Magick" (Belgium) "The Bastille scene" "The Gibus Club" etc ... 2013/2014 - The official release of the album is scheduled for January 2014 at "Brennus-Music" Concerts will follow, including: The "Hard Rock Convention" in Fismes The "Beer Circuit" at Le Mans "Music and Bike" in Chalons "Festival" at Vauréal "Festival" in Raismes "Bike Fest Leuki Riders" in Broussey en Woevre "Montereau Confluences Festival".


The nostalgic may remember Stratageme. A Hard Rock band from the Paris region who practiced in the 1970s. There were many line-up changes, then, in 1973, Stratageme recorded his first mischief a 7 "with" The Wizard and Me "and" Repent Wal Purgis ", then follow many concerts until 1980 when the band separates.It will be necessary to wait until 2008 so that the formation reborn of its ashes. In order to mark this event, the group recorded the "Live at Pacific Rock" in 2010, continuing its momentum, Stratagème starts in 2013 to record for a first album "HighWay", which arrives in the bins at the beginning of 2014 in partnership with the label Brennus Music.Musically the formation remains anchored in its first era, but proposing a Hard Rock which was still a little muscular. The guitars are a little more incisive, "Hard Time", but the voice is still very soft, typical of the early 80 with melodic choruses as for a "Never Say Goodbye".But, of course, what would a Hard Rock album be for a band that's more than thirty years old without its sweet melodic ballad? Stratageme proposes us a "Together" that we would have already heard somewhere without recognizing it, so much the atmosphere that emerges us returns to the feeling of the Eighties ... It is hard to believe that it is a question of a new title, all the ingredients are present, the acoustic guitar solo, the rhythm, a very clear song, a memorable chorus in two seconds ... A treat for the nostalgic.But rest assured, Stratagème is also in the real Hard and for this "Leave Me", the riff very lively, "Sweet Little Girl", very present groove, plus a chorus that penetrates you instantly, or "Believe ", With its more incisive side, are there to prove that the training is in the hard, certainly much less violent of what we can hear now, but is not it more pleasant to have good songs What are the average songs played to make more "raw"?What about a "Never Say Goodbye" guitar solo just perfect."HighWay", it is true is probably not the release of the year, or the disc indispensable in his discography, it is still a very pleasant album and, given the style very eighties, should please many people. If you're invited to a friend's birthday, a girlfriend, you do not know what to offer him, but you know he loves the Hard Rock and the Heavy of the eighties, so be quiet this new record of Stratageme has everything to satisfy him.

Line Up:

Aurel AUZOULIAS (drums)
Gerard MOTTEE (guitar, bass)
Philippe KALFON (guitar)
Boban MILOJEVIC (vocals)


01. Highway
02. I Feel the Heat
03. Believe
04. Never Say Goodbye
05. Hard Time
06. Gimme Gimme
07. Dreaming
08. Together
09. Leave Me
10. Dangerous
11. In Front of Storm
12. Sweet Little Girl

+ Video "Highway" (Official Video)

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