Tales From The Porn (BRA/USA)

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Tales From The Porn (BRA/USA)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 03 Apr 2018, 09:19

Tales From The Porn - H.M.M.V. (Limited Edition) (2017)







Year : 2017 (Limited Edition)
Style : Sleaze Glam Rock , Hard Rock
Country : Brazil , United States
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 131 mb


New sleaze rockers Tales From The Porn have released an EPK in advance of the release of their debut album H.M.M.V., which will be released on September 15, 2017. The group consists of Andy Sun (guitar), Bruno Marx (guitar), Bento Mello (bass), Ed Avian (drums), Tuff frontman and Metal Sludge principal Stevie Rachelle (lead vocals) and a keyboardist.The following message was posted on Tales From The Porn’s Facebook page earlier today (with slight edits):“Hello naughty girls lol…. here is our EPK. We are talking about all details of our first album Tales From the Porn H.M.M.VThe release date is September 15th. All over the world on Itunes and Spotify. The cd will be sold exclusively at the Animal records store in the Rock Gallery (Galeria do rock) And on our Store! European version Date will be announced soon! If you are in the United States we wil export it! Thank you and MAKE AMERICAN METAL GR8 AGAIN!”.New sleaze rockers Tales From The Porn featuring Tuff singer Stevie Rachelle and his five Brazilian bandmates have released a lyric video for their new song “Perfect Love” from their upcoming debut album H.M.M.V., which will be released via Animal Records on September 15, 2017.Sleaze Roxx recently interviewed Rachelle, guitarist Andy Sun and bassist Bento Mello. With respect to the band adopting a real ’80s sleaze rock vibe with its songs, Mello stated: “It is our favorite kind of music and maybe there’s a kind of will to be a part of the classic ’80s scene. Of course now, we are in 2017, almost everybody in the band lives in Brazil and it is a total different world but we wanted to make an album that we would be proud and we would love to listen. I think we accomplished this. The fact that lots of bands from that era are still recording and playing all over the world, and you got new bands, especially from the Scandinavian scene, shows that this music is alive and well. So I think the resurgence already happened and now we want to be a part of that.”Rachelle added: “It was the band’s idea, and I have some history from the heyday of the Sunset Strip, in case you hadn’t heard [laughs]. After we communicated a bit, I knew what they wanted. I understand that some people will think these song ideas, or story lines like hot girls partying, fast cars, etc. has all been told before. But from my knowledge, it’s never been told with a Brazilian band fronted by an American singer [laughs]. So, there are and will be some firsts with this release. Can’t wait!”


Back to the best of the ’80s — that’s really the best way to describe Tales From The Porn‘s debut album H.M.M.V. in a nutshell. It’s been a long time since I heard a new album that borrows so heavily from the ’80s and sounds so authentically like music from the golden era of hard rock / heavy metal. No need to say that I am absolutely loving Tales From The Porn‘s debut album.What makes Tales From The Porn very interesting is that the album is a result of mixing young blood with a remnant from the ’80s glory days. You have five highly skilled musicians from Brazil spearheaded by lead guitarist Andy Sun and bassist Bento Mello combining forces with Tuff and main Shameless frontman Stevie Rachelle to come up with an incredible debut album. Now before you think that I am buttering up Rachelle — who happens to be the principal for “rival” or “sister” website Metal Sludge — you should know that I never followed Metal Sludge until after taking over the reigns for the Sleaze Roxx website back in June 2015 and have never been a fan of the rather negative articles on that site.In fact, I have never been a fan of Rachelle‘s musical output until hearing Tales From The Porn for the first time. Funny enough, after introducing myself to Rachelle last year at the Rock N Skull Festival while the singer was manning the Metal Sludge booth, I was in the audience while he performed with Tuff. After the concert, Rachelle noted to me that it looked like I was not familiar at all with the Tuff material and frankly, he was right. Tuff were one of those bands that I just never got into. That being said, I may just have to explore Rachelle’s back catalog because Tales From The Porn‘s debut album is simply fantastic.H.M.M.V. starts off the aptly named opening track “Back To The ’80s” which opens with a guitar riff that absolutely screams ’80s. Man, we need more great guitar riffs like that one. In fact, it’s almost like the poster child for THE guitar riff of the ’80s. Pretty soon, Rachelle‘s vocals kick in but in an almost talking like fashion before the singer quickly kicks into high gear screaming his way through the track. The chorus is a thing of beauty and will have you singing along in no time. And what can you say about Andy Sun‘s guitar solo — smoking!!! Now usually after a standout song like “Back To The ’80s”, you’re expecting the album to fall down a few notches but amazingly, Tales From The Porn keep up the pace and solid songs throughout the entire record. “Runaway Lovers” and “Hot Girls Fast Cars” keep up the catchy songs peppered with killer guitar sounds reminiscent of the ’80s heavy metal.The one track that goes a little overboard to the cheesy side of the ’80s is “Tales From The Porn” which uses the word “motherfucker” just a little too much. It’s definitely a catchy track that will likely go over really well live but the whole “motherfucker” overloading is a bit disappointing. I do enjoy the attention to detail such as the reference to AC/DC‘s “Back In Black” on “Tales From The Porn” with Rachelle screaming the words “Back in black” like Brian Johnson would. “Perfect Love” takes the pedal off the metal and has some nice melodies while slowing the pace a little bit. “Girls Wanna Party (In Augusta Street)” is another classic ’80s sounding track that is hard not to like right from the first listen. Perhaps the most intriguing song on H.M.M.V. is the group’s cover of the Kenny Loggins‘ ’80s classic “Danger Zone.” It doesn’t get much more ’80s than picturing that song playing during the blockbuster Tom Cruise led Top Gun movie. Hearing Tales From The Porn come up with a very good version of the track, one just wonders why didn’t a heavy metal group cover this song a long time ago? It’s almost like a no brainer if you’re going to do an album that pays homage so well to the ’80s like Tales From The Porn have successfully accomplished.Another thing that I really like about Tales From The Porn‘s H.M.M.V. album is that the group kept it to nine strong tracks. I tell you, there’s no filler on this record. It’s one good song after another with some tracks hitting the great mark like “Back To The ’80s.” If you love the golden era of hard rock / heavy metal (i.e. the ’80s) and/or lament how there are no new bands coming up with great music like back in the ’80s, you owe it to yourself to check out Tales From The Porn‘s debut album H.M.M.V. which will fit very nicely alongside your favorite albums from the ’80s.

Line Up:

Stevie Rachelle – lead vocals
Andy Sun – lead guitar, backing vocals
Bento Mello – bass, backing vocals
Bruno Marx – rhythm guitar
Ed Avian – drums
Igor Godoi – keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals

Additional Musicians:

Cyntia Mendes – backing vocals (2)
Roger Benet – guitar solo (8)
Diego Armelin – second guitar solo (9)


Produced, mixed and mastered by Henrique Baboom
Lead vocals recorded and engineered by Adam Hamilton (1-2, 4 to 9)
Lead vocals recorded and engineered by Matt Thor (3)


01. Back to the 80's
02. Runaway Lovers
03. Hot Girls Fast Cars
04. Tales from the P0rn
05. Perfect Love
06. Girls Wanna Party (In Augusta Street)
07. Let It Shake
08. Danger Zone
09. Scary Movie
10. Back To The 80's (Extended Version 1986 Mix) (Bonus Track)

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