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Vogelfrey (GER)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 22 Apr 2023, 09:12

Vogelfrey - In Ekstase (Digipak Edition) (2017)






Year : 2017
Style : Folk Metal
Country : Germany
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
Size : 159 mb


From the tavern to the gallows..Some people may have found their skills of telling tales in the bottom of an empty bottle and prided themselves with imaginary heroic deeds. But six mischief-maker, that call themselves Vogelfrey, truly live and burn for their tales. In keeping with the motto „even the inquisition sings our songs“ the pact of the outlaws roams the lands since their founding in 2004 with mighty words and sounds.With them they bring their latest record „Zwölf Schritte zum Strick“ (Twelve steps to the gallows), humorous performances and the myth-enshrouded fairy meat. Just as its predecessor „Wiegenfest“ (Birthday) the second record caused a sensation within the scene and was celebrated by fans as well as reviewers. The sextet doesn't serve the well known old medieval stories, but captures the listeners with multifarious acoustical and lyrical delicacies. Pounding metal and powerful rock are mixed with folk, classic and flavoured with ancient influences. Lashing guitar riffs meet mellow string sounds, every once in a while intensified by shawns and grounded by groovy bass lines and straight drums.Upon this boiling foundation the listener is presented with subtle lyrics in German language.Since 2006 the sextet from Hamburg is touring all over the world and won fame for playing on numerous festivals in front of a widespread audience. Above and beyond a tour in conjunction with the bands Ingrimm and Cumulo Nimbus in 2010 they ranged Germany as support for Coppelius, Corvus Corax and Tanzwut. Important stages on these journeys were the Wacken Open Air, Rockharz, SummerBreeze as well as Feuertanz, Burgfolk and Hörnerfest.2012, on the stroke of the release of „12 Schritte zum Strick“ their first Headliner-Tour took place.At the moment the heretics are working on a Live-DVD and developing songs for the next musical mischiefs and never grow tired to entertain the nation with their show.Tonight we'll have fairy meat!


Vogelfrey’s 4th studio-album ‘In Ekstase’ is here. What would it bring us, their previous studio album ‘Sturm & Klang’ disapointed me a bit. It lacked the tension of ’12 Schritte zum strick’ a bit. It became more of a gimmick to me, so where would the successor of this album lead us? Would this new album bring me ‘in ecstasy’? The band sure knows how to write catchy songs as they prove in ‘Mittelalter Rockstar’ (Medieval Rockstar), and ‘Rauschpfeife’, songs in which they prove their sense of humor as well. The songs are almost all drenched in humor. Where Feuerschwanz uses the tag humerous, Vogelfrey could use this as well, finding a serious Vogelfrey song, is difficult. Only looking at the titles of the songs says it all, when you know ‘met’ is the German word for mead, you will agree ‘Crystal Met’, but I can affirm, this is fused into the songs everywhere. Reason enough to learn German, or at least have a good translation of the songs.Nothing new so far, but something has changed definitely in their music, the music has become a bit more darker, theatrical, due to the more important role of Johanna at the Cello and Alex at violin. Where they used to fill in the gaps in the music, they have an important role in a lot of songs on this album. This creates more tension in a lot of songs.With ‘In Ekstase’ Vogelfrey shows they’re not at the end of their journey at all, but they’re still alive and kicking. And since they have added more music to their humor, they have enough in stock to create more songs. With the incorporation of the violin and cello, the music has matured a bit and has become more interesting compared to the songs on their previous album. Vogelfrey is back!


Jannik - Vocals, Guitars, Irish Bouzouki, Rauschpfeife, Flöten
Chris - Bass - See also: ex-Uncreation
Johanna - Cello
Dennis - Guitars
Alex - Violin
Dominik - Drums


01. Crystal Met 03:50
02. Mittelalter Rockstar 03:56
03. Der Meister 03:33
04. Rauschpfeife 04:02
05. Heiland 05:03
06. Tanz für mich 03:56
07. Maskenball 04:03
08. Wach im Traum 02:56
09. Berserkerwut 04:13
10. Mondsucht 05:58
11. Abgesang 04:31

+ Video "Mittelalter Rockstar" (Official Video)

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Download links for all albums only on our blog here: http://goodmetalandhar.do.am/
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