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Rebel Rebel (USA)

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Rebel Rebel - The Bible Of The 21st Century (2015)






Year : 2014
Style : Punk Glam Cyber Rock and Roll
Country : United States
Audio : 320 kbps + front + Video
Size : 134 mb


Rebel Rebel (R2) was born in 1988, when Jet and I moved to L.A. We started off as a Suicide type act, mixed with the Plasmatics. I handled the guitars, sound Efx and the drum programs (drum machine) and Jet handled the vocals and mass destruction of TV sets, computer monitors and animals parts (goat heads, chicken feet, etc.). We played porno on monitors as we played and finished the set by setting fire to the American flag, which usually ended in a fight with an audience member and his homies who got offended. Our main point was to offend and make people think and react.Eventually in 1990, we got Gizmo to drum for us and released our 7 inch single “Fuck The World”, which got us noticed and got rave reviews for it’s Sigue Sigue Sputnik like construction. We destroyed all the L.A. clubs and quickly got banned and a reputation for fucking clubs up, which still haunts us today (we often play under assumed band names) in 2008!!! Through the 1990’s and 2000’s, we continue to play anywhere that will have us.Our stage show has always consisted of a dangerous and messy element. Smashing things up and setting them on fire, and by the grace of God, no one has gotten hurt at one of our shows. We have been known to throw razor blades, bullets, matches and syringes into the audience. Jet’s latest is his bed of nails routine, flaming codpiece cock and the grand finale of a dildo that shoots flames as he leaves the stage, through the audience and out the front door of the venue!In 1992, we recruited our current bass player from his acting career, Marcello, and the R2 line up has been the same all these years. (Gizmo has been taking a break since late 2006, after which we returned to our CyberPunk roots by using the drum machine and we added an FX/Dialogue guy, Erik Lancaster, in 2006, and in 2008 we added drummer, Jesse Atom, from the infamous San Diego Punk band The Spent Idols). In 2011 we have the ultimate line up with the addition of Tim Shelton on drums, an old friend from the Los Angeles rock and roll scene!!!Highlights over the years have included the release of our own CDs LIFESTYLES OF THE SICK AND FAMOUS, THE BIBLE OF THE 21ST CENTURY, EXPLODE INTO SPACE and our live in Paris, France disc FRANCE COMES ALIVE and our many appearances on the Wally George Show and the Morton Downey Jr. Show. Playing in great cities like Las Vegas, San Francisco and San Diego, and Paris, France-who have shown us much love. Surviving all these years in a town that has banned us from the get go-Los Angeles!!! Appearing on many comp CDs and having music in movies, pornos and on the radio. We’ve been written up in just about all music mags worldwide and have been in some rad books-Hollywood Rocks (and the accompanying CD box set) and Gigs From Hell. FOX News also did a killer story on us in L.A. that blew us up into legends for a while. We also worked with some great producers including Brian Kehew and Jon Mathias (RIP).Jet would probably say his highlight would be finally getting arrested during one of our shows in 2000 and again in 2007. He dodged the bullet many times; our CD release party for Lifestyles in San Diego at Blue Meannie Records-5 cop cars and our outdoor show at Guitar Center in San Bernardino-6 cop cars. He finally got popped when we were playing the Garage in L.A. He took the stage show out to the street, as he usually does, and the cops were waiting for him. The L.A. Rampart Division got him as he was graffitiing a bus stop bench. People had called the police when earlier in the set Jet had set a baby play pen on fire in the middle of the street, in front of the club. Then he jumped on a TV news van with his glitter canon. Gee maybe they called the Police. On video, it looked like the L.A. riots going on. (The Relax Bar in Hollywood was the scene of the latest arrest in 2007, for causing a stir in front of the Club while we played and basically looking like a freak! And stopping traffic.)The worst times included the band going head to head with skinheads in Pomona, who took offense to our black road crew and with psycho Nazi’s in Ocean Beach, Ca., who slashed our van tires and broke our windshield cuz they thought we sacrificed animals on stage, at least that’s what the San Diego Reader reported. Rock and roll can be a dangerous business when you’re dealing with numbskulls.We have been doing our thing for 20 plus years. Some interviewers ask us why we keep going? I tell them, either we are not that smart, or we really get off on what we do. Shit comes and goes, but the real thing stays gold!! We’re like Rocky, we’ll last all 15 rounds. Our history could take up a whole book (which I’ve already written).We decided long ago to control our recording masters, music, image, concerts, DVD’s, websites, etc. Sure we’ve been offered deals, but it was never a situation we felt benefited us in the long run. Most bands break up after a major deal, just to get out of it. We still enjoy putting on the war paint and Road Warrior garb, it keeps us young and it keeps our powder dry. It’s great when people come up to me at one of our shows and they grew up seeing R2 destroy places and it really showed them what true heart can be, if you love what you do. At least that’s what they tell me, and that’s R2’s greatest accomplishment to date.Here’s to another 20 years of never doing what you don’t want to or are told to do. We’re proud of Rebel Rebel and you should be too!!! To our friends we give our hearts….to our enemies, a rock in the face.


Los Angeles Cyber Glam Punk Rock Legends 2nd release produced by famed record producer Jon Mathias.For the first time available in digital format, The Bible of the 21st Century, was produced by famed record producer Jon Mathias (RIP). A mix of glam, punk, heavy metal and cyber rock n roll!R2 influences include Kiss, Plasmatics, and Alice Cooper and the band has collaborated with producers Jon Mathias (Meatloaf, Kiss) and Brian Kehew (Air, Alice Cooper). Explode Into Space is Rebel Rebel's 2005 release of deliciously riff heavy rock, and the band also recently kicked in contributions to Lost Anarchy and Hollywood Rocks—compilations of legedary L.A. glam bands including Poison, WASP, Stryper, Great White, and Warrant.A very visual band- Rebel Rebel has created an image for themselves reminiscent of rockers Kiss, but add their own flare to the sound and sight. Complete with gravity-defying hair and punk rock (almost drag queen) dress, Rebel Rebel comes across as a band who is mostly show. According to their bio, they have been banned from most L.A. they opened their own place to jam. I don't think that this band is about the music; from the vibes I got when I listened to their CD, 'The Bible of the 21st Century,' Rebel Rebel is all about the feeling you get when you hear them play. They want you to get up and hurt someone (or at least something). Filled with sound clips and samples from movies, plenty of the songs can be identified with here. "Mr. AIDS," a killer track about the AIDS epidemic, kicks in with an explosion of beats that just pound into your head- one of best on here. Their name suits them perfectly: they're total rebels when it comes to playing. They're saying fuck the's our game now. And I'm sure their live shows are complete havoc (and nothing short of amazing to see).


Jet - Vocals
Teddy Heavens- Guitar
Marcello - Bass
Tim Shelton - Drums


01. Wild Women
02. The Little Prince
03. Ghost Rocket
04. Mr. Aids
05. Space Age Soul
06. The Flower On the Gun
07. The Jewel of the Seven Stars
08. Bodyparts
09. #1 With a Bullet

+ Video - It's A Free Country Whiskey April 17, 2014 (Live Video)

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