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Thy Art Is Murder (AUS)

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Thy Art Is Murder - Dear Desolation (2017)






Year : 2017
Style : Deathcore
Country : Australia
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
Size : 157 mb


THY ART IS MURDER furiously charges once more unto the breach, clawing and spitting against the dying light and a seemingly inevitable collapse of existence. Dear Desolation, the Australian metal crew’s fourth and mightiest album, is a devastating blow equally against and embracing of a cataclysmic nihilism and all-out misanthropic warfare.Combining classic and authentic death metal elements that invoke the renegade, spirit-crushing, monstrosity of early Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, and Decapitated with the precision rhythmic assault of Meshuggah and the breakdown-infused bounce of Black Dahlia Murder, THY ART IS MURDER have redefined a once cast aside and maligned subgenre, proudly reenergizing and representing the best in extremity.The band’s music remains uncompromising, building upon the savage momentum of the controversially outspoken Holy War (2015), the punishing Hate (2012) and their gigantic debut, The Adversary (2010).Dear Desolation continues the band’s evolutionary trajectory, remaining consistently inventive and diverse without sacrifice the band’s established identity. The adventurous spirit of the band’s unprecedented collaboration with The Acacia Strain and Fit For An Autopsy, released as The Depression Sessions, continues unabated, expanding and informing the band’s already confident creativity.A new generation of death metal acolytes and vintage older thrashers alike enthusiastically proclaim the band’s unrelenting aggression, cementing a reputation with an increasingly fervent international fanbase. Videos for “Holy War,” “The Purest Strain of Hate,” “Shadow of Eternal Sin,” “They Will Know Another,” “Light Bearer,” and “No Absolution” resulted in more than 30 million views on YouTube; “Reign of Darkness” alone accounts for nearly a third of those online views.Thy Art Is Murder sharpened their sonic weapons on the road, with early tours in support of genre giants like Fear Factory and Cattle Decapitation, followed by much heralded appearances at Soundwave and all over North America on the Rockstar Mayhem Tour with Slayer. They’ve earned accolades from the likes of Metal Hammer and fellow bands alike, while delivering standout sets at festivals like Download.Holy War, the band’s third album, entered the official Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) chart at #7, the highest ever debut position for an extreme metal act born and bred in the country.When guitarists Sean Delander and Andy Marsh reconvened to begin work on what would become the band’s fourth album, they kept the material anchored in the rhythmic death metal that’s become their signature, but with an emphasis on songs that are both bigger and more straightforward. Dear Desolation is lean and stripped down.Holed up in New Jersey for several weeks, the duo amassed around 25 songs between them, trimming the fat with the assistance of longtime producer Will Putney (Every Time I Die, The Amity Affliction, For Today) until only the 12 strongest compositions remained. Drummer Lee Stanton and bassist Kevin Butler laid down their contributions, with powerhouse vocalist CJ McMahon knocking out awe-inspiring performances, with Marsh’s lyrics, in less than two weeks.Thematically the album expands beyond vicious polemic and vehemently contrarian invective into broader storytelling, contemplative death anxiety, and meditations on mortality and morality. It’s an album of culture, environment, community; ties that bind, the panic that unwinds, and the constant, urgent primal scream.If this is truly the soundtrack to the end of humanity, it’s music that should unite and empower extreme metal fans in all corners of the genre. Thy Art Is Murder skillfully ignites a crowd of 150 or 150,000.Dear Desolation is custom built for the festival stage, organically streamlined to translate to a wide audience as skillfully as the central sound at Thy Art Is Murder’s core has resonates in sweaty clubs and theaters since the band’s formation in 2006. This is extreme metal for the people, torchbearers for a primal style that doesn’t die.


If someone were to ask me what would be the album playing in the background in the hell of an existential crisis, I’d tell them to wait till August 18th and experience the hell of it themselves. ‘Dear Desolation’ is the new record out on it’s way by Australian metal act Thy Art is Murder, and much like almost anything out of Australia, it will try and kill you.For those unfamiliar with the breakdown maestros, the band has had a fairly young career and received massive publicity after their 2012 album ‘Hate’, creating a frenzy with it’s furious mixture of Deathcore and Death Metal elements which melted everybody’s face off. The band is known for bringing issues to light that are definitely not socially accepted to be spoken about, which was known after their 2015 record ‘Holy War’, and the criticism that came along with it.Dear Desolation marks a dynamic shift so massive, it is very clear that the band has exponentially outdone themselves. After a brief stint with vocalist issues, CJ MacMahon has returned to the band and sounds far more beastly than ever. The band has taken a step towards their Death metal influences, and much evidently have taken inspiration from Behemoth’s ‘Evangelion’ era, right from Lee Stanton’s shame-inducing drumming (Come on drummers, you know “Reign of Darkness” knocked everybody’s socks off), Andy Marsh putting the eerie in every track with ambient chords and goosebumps worthy solos, to Sean Delander and Kevin Butler maintaining a brutal, consistent and tantalizing rhythm.The album starts off raw, and ends even rawer, in every way the average human can potentially experience it, musically, lyrically, emotionally and philosophically. The album attacks morality, the nature of religion and death, and the human condition all with an undertone of nihilism. “Slaves Beyond Death” kicks it off with unforgiving blastbeats and chuggy guitars that deliver ruthlessly throughout the ten track record. “The Son of Misery” and “Death Dealer” are examples of the newly touched dynamics of the band, while the title track of the album resonates extensively with the classic sound of the band, including breakdowns so nasty they might as well replace the trumpets announcing Satan’s arrival on earth. “The Final Curtain” is how the album concludes, and unlike any other track it is almost purely atmospheric and invokes unfathomable raw emotion which lingers even after the track has ended.There are very few instances wherein a band tries to evolve from their sound and ends up maturing in a very appreciable manner, and Thy Art is Murder is definitely in that league. Dear Desolation opens up an array of new opportunities and new fans for the bands while still keeping the old ones satisfied.‘Dear Desolation’ is an explosive punch delivered yet again by Thy Art Is Murder, but decides to take it a notch higher by adding a knucklebuster into the mix right before it hooks your jaw. It is a dynamic record compared to the previous work by the band but has an abundance of the band’s sound regardless. It is a prime example of how modern Death metal sounds and doesn’t cut short anywhere.

Line Up:

CJ McMahon - Vocals (2009-2015, 2017-present) - See also: ex-Evolvar, ex-Baraka, ex-Vegas in Ruins
Sean Delander - Guitars (2006-2011, 2015-present), Bass (2011-2015) - See also: Architects (live)
Andy Marsh - Guitars (2010-present) - See also: ex-Cross the Lips of Grace
Kevin Butler - Bass (2015-present) - See also: ex-The Decimation Protocol, ex-Aversions Crown
Lee Stanton - Drums (2006-present)


01. Slaves Beyond Death 03:44
02. The Son of Misery 04:18
03. Puppet Master 03:15
04. Dear Desolation 03:21
05. Death Dealer 04:08
06. Man Is the Enemy 03:28
07. The Skin of the Serpent 03:58
08. Fire in the Sky 04:10
09. Into Chaos We Climb 04:05
10. The Final Curtain 03:50

+ Video "Puppet Master" (Official Video)

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