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Death Metal , Melodic Death Metal
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Atrocity (GERMANY)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 03 Dec 2022, 14:13

Atrocity - Okkult II (2CD) (Digibook Edition) (2018)






Year : 2018
Style : Death Metal
Country : Germany
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
Size : 245 mb


ATROCITY, one of the most successful metal bands from Germany, was formed in 1985 and is known as one of the most experimental and varied bands in the history of metal and as the pioneers of German death metal! They are not shy when it comes to venturing into uncharted terrain, while always delivering top-class productions. A good example is their album “Werk 80 II”, which entered the German Media Control Charts on #19. ATROCITY already played on 5 continents, over 50 countries and played hundreds of gigs. “OKKULT” (2013) marked the beginning of a very special album trilogy, that the metal scene has not seen until then! Following their “OKKULT” world tour, ATROCITY once again signed with Massacre Records and released the “Masters of Darkness” EP (2017) as a harbinger of the death metal flagship’s album “OKKULT II” (2018).


German extreme metal band ATROCITY has been around a long time, having released several classic albums, such as "Atlantis," and "Todessehnsucht." They have been quite prolific; in addition to numerous Eps, Splits, demos, and two cover albums, “Okkult II” represents their eigth full-length album. In addition, they have also been the band behind Symphonic Metal band LEAVES' EYES. In the past, ATROCITY have never been afraid to step outside the box and explore their sound in ways most Death Metal bands would never try but “Okkult II” is more straight-ahead Death Metal, albeit it is also often Symphonic as well.The opening track, "Masters of Darkness," begins with strange soundscapes before the hammering double bass and fast guitar picking kicks in. A choir in the background adds to the somewhat Gothic tone before some groove is thrown in for good measure. As always, Krull’s vocals are among the best of the genre; he sounds completely scary and depraved but still manages to be comprehensible. Halfway thru the song, blast beats and the chorus trade off in short burst to create the perfect blend of brutality and epic tones. “Spell of Blood” is an album highlight because of the slick guitars riffs that are played as well as they are punishing—they will definitely induce whiplash. The chorus, and Krull’s performance on it, is intense as any other Death Metal album I’ve heard this year.Thorsten Bauers, who plays guitar and bass, doesn't seem to tire easily. His bass is a constant highlight and he has proven himself to be indispensable. “Infernal Sabbath,” is about as ominous and dark as the title would suggest with a desolate opening that would make a Doom band cry. The rest of the track is punishing, especially the ending that is a cacophony of drums, riffs, and leads, ending in a crescendo of torrential heaviness. “Devil’s Covenant,” has a melodic opening but the main riff reminds us of the band’s power when they play true Death Metal. The riffing is snappy and leads the listener through a twisting maze of searing Death Metal. ENTOMBED’s LG Petrov is featured on the track, as well.2018 has seen the release of so much great Death Metal that it would be easy to get lost in the growling crowd, but ATROCITY have what it takes to see them climbing on top of many’s best of list by the end of the year.

Line Up:

Alexander Krull - Vocals, Keyboards, Samples (1985-present) - See also: Leaves' Eyes, ex-Corpus Christi, ex-Liv Kristine
Thorsten Bauer - Guitars (1994-present), Bass (2013-present) - See also: Leaves' Eyes, ex-Enslaved, ex-Liv Kristine
Pete Streit - Guitars (2015-present) - See also: Leaves' Eyes, ex-Elis, ex-Zero Hunt, Main Strike, ex-Demonium, ex-Erben der Schöpfung, ex-Abigail's Gallow, ex-Zirkonium
Joris Nijenhuis - Drums (2012-present) - See also: Leaves' Eyes, The Secret (live), Verwoed (live), ex-Dr Doom, ex-Grinroth, ex-Bloodred, ex-Elexorien, ex-Existence Denied



01. Masters Of Darkness
02. Shadowtaker
03. Bloodshed And Triumph
04. Spell Of Blood
05. Menschenschlachthaus
06. Gates To Oblivion (Feat. Marc Grewe)
07. Infernal Sabbath
08. All Men Must Die
09. Phantom Ghost
10. Devil’s Covenant (Feat. LG Petrov)
11. The Golden Dawn


01. Masters Of Darkness (Instrumental Version)
02. Shadowtaker (Instrumental Version)
03. Bloodshed And Triumph (Instrumental Version)
04. Spell Of Blood (Instrumental Version)
05. Menschenschlachthaus (Instrumental Version)
06. Gates To Oblivion (Instrumental Version)
07. Infernal Sabbath (Instrumental Version)
08. All Men Must Die (Instrumental Version)
09. Phantom Ghost (Instrumental Version)
10. Devil’s Covenant (Instrumental Version)
11. The Golden Dawn (Instrumental Version)

+ Video "Shadowtaker" (Official Video)

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