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Thorium (DEN)

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Thorium - Blasphemy Awakes (2018) (Japan Edition 2019)






Year : 2018 (Japan Edition 2019)
Style : Melodic Death Metal
Country : Denmark
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
Size : 166 mb


Scandinavian band formed in 1997 with a mission to play old school death metal. With members involved in other bands (Withering Surface, Iniquity, Taetre and Infernal Torment), Thorium had the experience it took to work fast and efficiently. It did not take more than a year to play the first gigs (e.g. opening slot for the reformed Artillery), record a 2 track demo and get a record deal with Diehard Music.In the summer of 1999 Thorium entered Grieghallen Studio in Bergen, Norway with Pytten and Herbrand Larsen (Audrey Horne). Jacob Hansen (Mercenary, Raunchy, Invocator) took care of the mix. The result was "Oceans of Blasphemy"! An album released in early 2000 with overwhelming attention from the world wide metal press. Thorium was e.g. placed in the "Best Newcomers of 2000" section in Germany's Rock Hard.Following the success of "Oceans of Blasphemy", Thorium played concerts in Denmark and was on the bill for the Nuclear Storm Festival in the Czech Republic.Three years later the band entered the Exponent Studio in Slovakia in January 2003 with Tomas Kmet and Roman Slavik. Mastering was handled by Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Sick of it All, Mnemic). Out came "Unleashing the Demons". Again an album that received positive attention world wide. The summer of 2003 Thorium performed at the Party-San Festival in Germany and at the Brutal Assault Festival in the Czech Republic.Since then Thorium have abandoned the sinking ship Diehard Music and the members pursued other personal took a while for the Thorium machinery to re-activate, and in late 2005 the band recorded some promo material in the Berno Studio in Malmo, Sweden with Berno Paulsson (Deranged, The Haunted, Amon Amarth). These recordings are available on the "Cast From Hell" 7" EP released through Mughty Music sublabel Prutten Records.Thorium released their third album "Feral Creation" on February 18 2008 via Mighty Music.


We can think of three Death Metal waves in Metal history: the first wave in the first half of the 80’s, the second that stormed the world in the first years of the 90’s, and the third that arose on the beginning of the 2000’s. Since the 90’s, Death Metal became known and admired enough to give birth to legions of new names. In the 90’s, a good name was from THORIUM, a brutal onslaught on Old School ways. They were great, but they are back from the grave, storming again with “Blasphemy Awakes”, their new album.Mixing influences from Swedish and Floridian schools, their music sounds brutal and raw in the old ways, but with a whole personal outfit. Maybe their way to play can seem to those boring puritans of digital age “another band”. Bit if you have patience, you’ll understand that behind this Death Metal onslaught, there’s a strong and aggressive personality pulsing. The monster is awaken, so be prepared for their assault! Recorded and mixed by JakobGundelin Copenhagen at Gain Factory, we can say that “Blasphemy Awakens” does not try to sound as they were in the 90s. It’s a modern and powerful sonority with those old elements on it, so you can understand their work clearly, but it sounds raw and brutal as you can think (due the organic tunes they have chosen).It’s a monstrous album, so be prepared to have your ears ringing as an old telephone after the massacre. The jigsaw guitar riffs on “Penance”, the excellent tempo changes of “Depravity” (where bass guitar and drums are really doing a very good work), the slow bitter parts of “Maniac”and “Slow Deep and Dead” (both with its excellent changes of voice tunes, from guttural to shrieked moments), the ear shredder called “Blasphemy Awakes” (the melodic lines created by the guitars are amazing), and the sharp rhythm of “Reign of Osman” can be named as their best moments on the album. But their version for DEMIGOD’s “Dead Soul” is very good as well.A band in such way is always good to have with us, so THORIUM must stay alive and as brutal and nasty as it is.


Jens Peter Storm - Guitars - See also: Pitch Black, ex-Dominus, ex-Tons, ex-MonsterBoss
MHA - Vocals - See also: A Sun Traverse, ex-Corpse Vomit, ex-Empire Drowns, ex-Kulukhai, ex-Withering Surface, ex-Crawcell
Jesper Nielsen - Bass (2018-present) - See also: My Empty Room, Sages Recital (live), ex-Aneurysm
Daniel Preisler Larsen - Drums (2018-present) - See also: Tons, ex-Stomp, ex-Stone Age, ex-Red Warszawa
Jose Cruz - Guitars (2018-present) - See also: ex-Nembience, ex-Iron Fire, ex-Pitch Black, ex-Blinded by Fear, ex-#213, ex-Almen, ex-Paranoia


01. Metal Meltdown
02. Penance
03. Depravity
04. Maniac
05. Slow Deep & Dead
06. Trust No One
07. Blasphemy Awakes
08. Whispers From The Grave
09. Dead Soul (Demigod cover)
10. Reign Of Osman
11. Tengil
12. Under The Black Skies
13. Malignant Darkness (Japan Bonus Track)

+ Video "Maniac" (Official Video)

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