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Death Metal , Melodic Death Metal
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Burden Of Life (GER)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 03 Jan 2020, 13:01

Burden Of Life - In Cycles (Digipak Edition) (2016)






Year : 2016
Style : Melodic Death Metal
Country : Germany
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
Size : 157 mb


Burden Of Life: that’s musically appealing Heavy Metal with sophisticated arrangements. Thrilling melodies and driving drums combined with atmospheric keyboard work and harsh vocals are trademarks of the young group's sound. In today's musical landscape their style would probably be defined as Melodic Death Metal but there are certainly also elements of other musical directions to be found.Some influences are Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Children Of Bodom and Arch Enemy as well as classics like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica.Brief history:Burden Of Life were founded in the summer of 2003 but it wasn’t until the end of 2005 that they started to take it more seriously. From this point on the band began to rehearse extensively.They hit the stage for the first few times in 2006 and on 17th February 2007 their first, totally self produced album, simply called “Burden Of Life” was released. More concerts followed and over the course of the year 2008 the second full-length “Ashes Of Existence” was recorded and subsequently released on 14th November 2008. The album was generally well-received by the press and gave the band the opportunity to play more live shows in 2009 and 2010.After spending a week at Audiolodge Studios near Schweinfurt in spring of 2010 the EP “In The Wake Of My Demise” was released on 10th September 2010. The new songs were mastered by Stephan Fimmers (Necrophagist) at Aexxys Art Studios and show Burden Of Life from their most diverse side yet.


Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to present to you, the quartet known as BURDEN OF LIFE, hailing from the glory of Germany, signed via Noizgate Records - on their 4th new 2016 album entitled: “In Cycles”.With 3 records behind them since formation in 2002; “Burden Of Life” (released in 2007), “Ashes Of Existence” (released in 2008), and “The Vanity Syndrome” (released in 2013) and now 3 years later with the record in question: “In Cycles” …I'm acquainted with what appears to be a Melodic Death Metal band who embodies the emotive unfortunates of depressions; love, personal struggles and loss. While I'm ultimately not impressed with the chosen themes; I appreciate the instrumentation and musicianship at least. Where you have Depressive Black Metal as a genre; one could mistake that with Depressive Death Metal; if there ever was a genre. But enough genre congregations - let's just dive into the record for instrumental sake, shall we? While the implemented elements of the atmosphere might not please me; instrumentally, everything sounds fine and dandy.4 members comprise of BURDEN OF LIFE; featuring the main front-man: Christian Kötterl who has some beautifully, yet gruesomely engaging vocal ranges, as well as some guttural growls here and there, also on guitar…melodically infusing the Death Metal variety with an abundance of enlightening riffery that sounds uniquely pleasant for this Death Metal balance of lyrical themes. United with Michael Schafberger on guitars showcases similar brilliance; while the pummeling powerhouses of Karl-Arnold Bodarwé on bass and Matthias Babl on drums maniacally pulverize their instruments with consistency, dexterity and efficiency all-round. “In Cycles” is an efficient record that delivers unprecedented musicianship; even implementing effects that would surprise the purist Death Metal fan, keep in mind that Melodic Death Metal is the genre in question so I'm very open to this intention.8 tracks of epic proportions infatuate this CD, totaling up to about 45 minutes. “Amour Fou”, the titular track: “In Cycles” and “Devil In The Detox” open it up; evidently surprising my essence as I'm introduced to a variety of musical differentiates that sound enriching to the soul and unique to the mind. It may feel a bit depressing here and there, but things feel adequate and stellar that makes the emotional side effects seem atmospherically epic. “52 Hz”, “Kafkaesque” and “The Narcissist” bring out unparalleled blends of musical integration that stem from folk-esquire elements to diverse riffs of Death Metal clarity that make the folk influence infusion engrossing and intriguingly brilliant. “Lantern Slides” and the 10 minute long “At The Heart Of Infinity” end the record in stunning fashion; albeit with a twist and spectacular turns, however…all the more worthwhile to check “In Cycles” out at least once.

Line Up:

Mathias Babl Drums
Michael "Schafi" Schafberger Guitars
Christian "Kötti" Kötterl Guitars, Vocals - See also: ex-Surge
Karl Arnold Bodarwé Bass (2009-present) - See also: ex-Unsharpen Dawn


01. Amour fou 04:39
02. In Cycles 05:09
03. Devil in the Detox 05:29
04. 52 Hz 06:38
05. Kafkaesque 03:27
06. The Narcissist 04:29
07. Lantern Slides 04:51
08. At the Heart of Infinity 12:23

+ Video "In Cycles" (Official Video)

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