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Debauchery (GER)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 26 Jún 2019, 16:47

Debauchery vs. Blood God - Thunderbeast (3CD) (Limited Edition Digipak) (2016)







Year : 2016
Style : Death'N'Roll , Hard Rock
Country : Germany
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
Size : 164 mb


Stuttgart, Germany's Debauchery were conceived in the year 2000 by vocalist and guitarist Thomas "The Bloodbeast" Gurrath (aka "Blood God"/"Bluttgott"), initially using the charming name of Maggotc**t before making the change, and releasing a first demo tape, simply called Zombie, the following year. A death metal band by trade, Debauchery displayed an acute taste for the macabre on their 2003 debut album, Kill Maim Burn, where Gurrath, bassist C**tkiller, and drummer Wargrinder indulged in a veritable lyrical bloodbath steeped in war and gore — a trend that was reflected in the band's promo photos and stage shows, and would persist across ensuing albums like Rage of the Bloodbeast (2004), Torture Pit (2005), Back in Blood (2007), Continue to Kill (2008), and Rockers & War (2009). Ironically, it was revealed in 2010 that Gurrath was otherwise employed as a high-school philosophy teacher by day, but had to resign his position when school officials found out about his parallel musical activities and forced him to choose between the two. Naturally, he chose Debauchery.


Great new album !! Appears as 3-CD (CD 1 with Debauchery growls, CD 2 with rock vocals and CD 3 with cover versions) in a digipack and exclusively available with EMP with a t-shirt (100% cotton, size S, M, L, XL, XXL)! Death Metal meets Hardrock. The new Debauchery vs. Blood God album wears the name "Thunderbeast", get ready for a unique spectacle, a mixture of the most brute Death Metal and the finest Hardrock!

Line Up:

Mr. Blood Bass
Mr. Death Drums - See also: Epitome of Frail, Skinned Alive, ex-Njangilimah
Mr. Kill Guitars - See also: Necroid, Subconscious
Thomas "The Bloodbeast" "Blutgott" Gurrath Bass (2000-2003), Guitars (2000-2003, 2004-present), Vocals (2000-present) - See also: ex-Eternal Glory, Balgeroth, Blood God, ex-Big Ball


CD1: DEBAUCHERY (Monster Voice)

01. Debauchery - Heavy Metal Monsternaut 04:12
02. Debauchery - Murdermaker 04:08
03. Debauchery - Thunderbeast 03:29
04. Debauchery - Vampire Holocaust 03:34
05. Debauchery - City of Bones 03:51
06. Debauchery - Crusaders of God 04:31
07. Debauchery - Super Killer Death Match 02:59
08. Debauchery - Firethrone Overlord 03:17
09. Debauchery - Bullet to the Head 03:10
10. Debauchery - Devil Dog 03:30
11. Debauchery - Second Hand Woman 02:55
12. Debauchery - Girl to Adore 03:03
13. Debauchery - Super Hot Vampire Lady 03:07
14. Debauchery - Anti-Hero 02:54

CD2: BLOOD GOD (Demon Screeching)

01. Blood God - Crusaders of God 04:31
02. Blood God - Bullet to the Head 03:10
03. Blood God - City of Bones 03:51
04. Blood God - Vampire Holocaust 03:34
05. Blood God - Girl to Adore 03:03
06. Blood God - Super Hot Vampire Lady 03:07
07. Blood God - Devil Dog 03:30
08. Blood God - Super Killer Death Match 02:59
09. Blood God - Anti-Hero 02:56
10. Blood God - Second Hand Woman 02:55
11. Blood God - Firethrone Overlord 03:17
12. Blood God - Murdermaker 04:09
13. Blood God - Heavy Metal Monsternaut 04:13
14. Blood God - Thunderbeast 03:27

CD3 Debauchery Kill Mister - Tribute To Motorhead

01. Debauchery - Dogs of War 03:42
02. Debauchery - Shut Your Mouth 04:10
03. Debauchery - Love for Sale 04:52
04. Debauchery - Over Your Shoulder 03:22
05. Debauchery - Hellraiser 04:03

+ Video "Heavy Metal Monsternaut" (Official Video)

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